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  1. Wilson
    November 23, 2015

    All creation declares the existence of God. i am a product of a miracle that happened to me. instant healing through prayer. i have prayed for myself and mentioned God and seen instant healing. i dont need to be told, i have experienced God myself. I dream dreams and they come to pass. I see visions and they are real. and to be sincere, i do all this in the name of Jesus. All i can say is that its not a surprise to have atheists. But am not one and i will never be one because i have seen God in my life


    • munguout24
      June 29, 2016

      Since you happen to be the only one in this maze of billion people to have seen God in your life. please kindly tell us how he looks, i.e. color, does he have 2 or 3 eyes, is his hair white/red/blonde/black. How tall is this God, 6ft 4 or 3ft 1. Anxiously waiting to read from you


  2. Kingsley
    January 12, 2016

    Atheist are being deceived to believe that there is no God. I’m sure they think they made themselves. Human beings grow from knowing nothing but God at birth to saying there is no God when they grow up just to avoid being accountable to God.
    Simple instance, you saying there is no snow because you’ve not seen one doesn’t rule out the existence of snow. Whether you believe God exist or not doesn’t change the truth of God’s existence. God gives life and can take that life also through death. I wonder what the atheist will do when they come to the end of life here on earth and meet face to face with God on the day of judgment. Don’t be deceived my Atheist friend. Jesus Loves you and He wants you to surrender your life to Him NOW before is too late.


    • Dominic karaya
      April 1, 2016

      if I happen to meet face to face with your imaginary friend, which is highly unlikely, am going to ask, which one are you? Are you lord Vishnu, Baal, Huitzilopochtli, Osiris, Yahweh, Allah, just to name a few. Man creates gods, not the other way round.


      • Edu
        May 3, 2016

        You will know him when you meet him. There will be no need for him to introduce himself. Just as the scriptures provide, the sign of the son of man will be seen in the sky and the kings of the earth will know who exactly it is has come to fulfil his promise. The question is, will you be for him or not.


      • munguout24
        June 29, 2016

        hehehe Jehovah Wanyonyi is the closed to God that they will ever see. I agree with you as a man thinketh so does God. Man sees God as himself, meaning we created God.Thats why you will hear christians trying to xplain what God probably meant at certain bible verse, or what God wants, needs. If God is this know it all creature, who knew us before we came into this earth, how can a mortal man come close to knowing Gods mind. Its all trickery


    • George M
      May 19, 2016

      I am an agnostic atheist. I don’t preach my situation (don’t call it my faith) and I never try to turn people away from their beliefs, unless they seek my help. I discuss these matters if I feel there is need for a question to be answered or there is a misunderstanding.

      Reading your comments tells me you have not taken time to understand the basics about atheism. Your comment was out of reflex. Below I have addressed some issues I found in your comment.

      1. “Atheist are being deceived to believe that there is no God. ” – Who is deceiving them? Most atheists were born and raised with some form of religion. Most ditched religion as individuals and with little or no input from existing atheists. This shows that most atheists were not indoctrinated but rather attained an intellctual milestone upon which theism made no logical sense. Tell me (I assume you are a Christian), if you were born in Lebanon to Muslim patents, what are the chances that you would be a Christian now?

      2.” I’m sure they think they made themselves.” – No.Almost all atheists believe in the evolution theory and the big bang theory. Others admit that they don’t know where they came from and are not convinced by any existing theory.

      3. ” you saying there is no snow because you’ve not seen one doesn’t rule out the existence of snow.” – True, but until there is proof ( enough proof that does not insult my intelligence), I am not going around preaching about the existence this snow that cannot be proven to exist. That is why atheists are so tired of religionists preaching about something that they have no logical proof of existence

      4. “Don’t be deceived my Atheist friend” – Who is deceiving us? The devil? We don’t believe in his existence too.

      5. “Jesus Loves you and He wants you to surrender your life to Him” – Jesus may have lived in middle East some thousand years ago. He sure is dead now. I don’t believe that dead people are capable or loving and wanting others to surrender their lives to them (What does that even mean?).


    • Mr. White (@ElvisKerabuAmen)
      February 27, 2017

      Yeah sure, God gives and takes life….and that is why we all die regardless of one’s believes. I would expect believers to live forever


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