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In April last year, the GOVERNMENT OF KENYA through the Attorney General and the Registrar of Societies suspended Atheists In Kenya SOCIETY. We were denied our rights as atheists to form a Society. We moved to Court and filed a case against the Government of Kenya. We are having challenges raising our legal fee for this Petition. But we must project our CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Atheists too are Kenyans!

Lawyer Harun Ndubi, a renowned Constitutional Lawyer has AGREED to represent AIK in COURT this month. With your donation of KShs 1000/= (USD 10) PER PERSON or more, you can help pay off our legal fee of KShs 350,000/= (USD 3500) and bring A HISTORIC VICTORY for the rights of atheists in Kenya.
www-atheistsinkenya-com-2Even if you aren’t a member of AIK, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped protect the rights of minorities in Kenya.

SUPPORT AIK by sending your donations to our EQUITY BANK ACCOUNT:

PayBill Number: 247247
Account Number: 0260270360238

If you are not in Kenya, and you feel you want to support Kenyan atheists, you can send a TEXT MESSAGE to +254717110066 with the words ‘SUPPORT’ and we shall give you further information on how to donate.

Thank you in advance!

K E Garland

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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers

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