Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers

Our Leadership

We have a diverse and talented executive management team focused on executing AIK’s  mission and objectives to promote the growth and interaction of atheists in Kenya.

As we evolve into a truly national society  we aim to transform Kenya into a truly secular nation.OUR LEADERSHIP2020 (1)


Our leadership is composed of the following individuals:

  1. Harrison Mumia – President
  2. Joyce Atieno – Vice President
  3. Alex Kweya – Treasurer
  4. Maria Musyoka – Assistant Treasurer
  5. Robin Ndungu – Events Organizer

Our Values

  1. We are tenacious in fulfilling our commitments to our members
  2. We are inventive and adaptable.
  3. We bring a sense of optimism, enthusiasm to our members.
  4. We are genuine, open, direct and respectful.
  5. We can be trusted to do the right thing.
  6. We are inclusive and work together with confidence and trust.

 Our Leadership Essentials

  1. Thinks and acts strategically.
  2. Is inspirational and confident.
  3. Is an influential leader.
  4. Has personal courage and is resilient.
  5. Is willing to roll up their sleeves.
  6. Builds strong relationships, fosters teamwork and develops others.
  7. Is a genuine leader who is focused on getting the right things done.

31 comments on “Our Leadership

  1. Jim
    January 26, 2014

    Am confused. Hebu tell me something bout this plz


    • Harry
      March 12, 2015



      • stanley
        April 15, 2016

        Harry muima I heard you when you were helding a conversation at nation fm..but I have very few question to ask u..if you bother you can answer bt if you don’t please digest this
        have you ever went a day without food? not because you are willing but coz u don’t ave food
        have u ever slept in the dark?
        during your schooling did you walk bare footed?
        have u ever lacked money to cater for your school fees?
        have you ever lacked a clothing to wear?

        I think the reason to why u think tht Almighty doesn’t exist its coz you were raised in a well being family thus everything u wanted was being catered for….but siku enye utaenda 2 days without food sleeping at the dark alafu siku ya tatu apate food ndo utajua I food haujapata kwa bidii yako

        anyway ask yourself about basic question…like why can’t science stop death…
        like why is air invicible?


  2. Jim
    January 26, 2014

    What about this?


  3. waswa9ice
    March 20, 2015


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    • Walakisa
      November 18, 2015

      You call us fools but what does your bible say in Mathew 5:22b …furthermore no one forced you to join and do you think that you are going to heaven bro ….


  4. i jah man mwas
    March 31, 2015

    fools say that there is no God…….where did you come from?…when you were a kid did you have the same mentality that you are trying to spread now like bushfire……if you have decided to go to hell go alone and stop lobbying for accomplices….MWAS JAH MAN


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      Please, direct ur nonsense somewhere else, AIK is n shldnt be a forum for insults or name-calling.


    • Adamson
      November 18, 2015

      What does your bible say in Mathew 5:22


    • MK
      December 28, 2015

      Mwas jah man i will quote you ” fools say their is no god” please look up the definition of
      fool~ one lacking in common powers of understanding/
      someone who does not behave in an intelligent or sensible way/
      one who is easily duped or deceived.

      one of the principle tenets of religion is faith ( which by definition if belief in something without evidence/ proof)

      and a as seen earlier and hence the irony only a fool would believe in god.
      and before you get all worked up look it up.

      As from where i came from that’s easy my parents! and they from theirs and down the line it goes on and on…
      and yes to the broader question you are doubtless to retort where did man come from?; man is an ape by taxonomic classification. and we share common ancestry with all other apes, you may not like it but their is DNA to back that up.. read up on it

      as for mentality i will paraphrase the “good book” when i was a child i reasoned as a child and when i became a man i reasoned like a man and gave up childish ways/ stories. i don’t quote on its authority as inspired word but as a literary work like i would quote Voltaire’s writings. or any other author.

      as for hell how can one go to a place that doesn’t exist? we live and when you die its game over..

      as for the accusation on lobbying for accomplices; which is an appropriate term to use because it implies engaging in nefarious activities; we each found our way here onto this website if you disagree with sentiments expressed you can either be cordial and engage in debate or you can just as easily “un~find it”


  5. freethinker
    April 20, 2015

    fools say that there is no god,the fools are right


    • The Redeemed One
      November 24, 2015

      Hehehe Fools say there,s no god and they are absolutely right, But there is the GOD of heaven whom we can only access through salvation in Jesus Christ


      • makagutu
        April 18, 2016

        writing in caps doesn’t make your make believe god real


  6. Humphrey
    August 1, 2015

    Kindly christians answer this please,because you call other being fools and thats what your holly book the bible stipulates,jesus who is offered as the paradigm of love and compassion threatenes that non believers will be thrown”into the furnace of fire”(Matthew 13:40-42) funny of your God jesus a.k.a king of love n prince of peace


  7. Jose
    September 22, 2015

    You claim that God does not exist. If this is so, why do you refer to a nonexistent thing as God? Can nothing have a name? Now that you have discovered that God does not exist, kindly prove that God doesn’t exist.


    • Collins Karanja
      November 8, 2015

      The fact that 98% of our scientific knowledge has proved religion wrong time and time again is clear evidence that God is not real. Religion is and has always been a form of government meant to rule weak minded people who are afraid to take responsibility for their own lives and actions and would prefer to place it on an imaginary being. Just like all other past religions have died so will modern religion. Like it or not, religion is just a fairy tail meant to control people. Lucky us, our logic set us free from this corrupting thing we call Religion.


      • omondi
        April 29, 2016

        Give one example where science has proved religion wrong. i just need one . and please give the proof.


    • MK
      December 28, 2015

      Atheists need not prove the non existence of god! he is a man made entity.
      it is the equivalent of me asking you to prove the non existence of the Easter bunny or Santa Claus.

      you make the extra ordinary claim that he exists; you must provide the proof to backup that claim; if no proof is provided then the extra ordinary claim is dismissed without the need to disprove it!

      it works the same way in court; if the prosecution makes an assertion (charge) it is upon them to provide concrete and verifiable evidence to backup the assertion otherwise it fails burden of proof then the assertion (charge) is dismissed!


      • Silas
        September 9, 2016

        Your claim is God does not exist? Hahaha, you’re behind international atheistic worldviews AIK. Catch up with the current lie. This is the most desperate act of escapism. Denying reality will not change it. By Darwin’s on standards macroevolution is impossible based on the genetic difference found inter-species. Microevolution does happen, adaptation to environments. Man must be the only creature that seeks to define itself sans its Creator. I bid you peace and eventual salvation; your current path is a thankless endeavour in self destruction. Atheism will not answer your questions. You have made yourselves your own gods, in time you will find that you, like all of us, are hopelessly inadequate. Who is Jesus? That is the most important question anyone will ever answer. Intelligent debate will not work with y’all. In your wisdom you have ended up getting lost in the simplest of base nonsense. Stay alive long enough to see your world unravel….maybe then, you will see the error of your ways. Good day!


    • Me
      November 28, 2016

      When speaking to a child, you use a language they will get. Did you want us to say ‘a person or being believed by some to control supernormal occurances’? The kid will ask, do you mean a witch?


  8. apostle muinde
    April 28, 2016

    When rapture takes place that is the time we will face reality.someone asked me what if there is no heacen? I asked him what if there is heaven and hell? Blessed is the man who believes without seeing. Even the atheist deep down their hearts they know there is God.its only that they kniw what favours they have. Just leave day they will know the truth and the truth wil make them dear atheists Jesus still loves you and he died for us including you.i know someone right now wants to give their life to Jesus.say this prayer after me.
    Lord jesu, come into my life, forgive my sinsand cleanse me.i receive u as my personal saviour.Holyspirit take over my life .from today am born Jesus mighty name.amen.God bless look for a bible believing church and enjoy salvation are nowa new creation.


  9. JB
    May 2, 2016

    I know that the greatest agenda of atheists is not to disapprove the existence of God but to simply promote satanism for the gain of hell. So it doesn’t surprise me a lot.


  10. Bachus
    May 2, 2016

    Apostle what proof do you have that this jesus actually exists,you mean god sends a bunch of thieves,rapists,murderers and plundered to tell us of his existence?does this mean that all our ancestors are gonna burn for eternity because they didn’t accept your so called Christ?and mind you rapture is not mentioned in the bible,many Christians are there because they have been instilled with fear since childhood believing in a god that was made up in the council of nicea by some bunch of bishops so as to control the masses,why did they threaten Arias with death if he was telling a lie?because Arias was saying that if the son was begotten,then that means there was a time that he did not exist


  11. Bachus
    May 2, 2016

    Jb satan does not exist,he was created by religion whose job is to instill fear to the masses in order to control them,I personally don’t believe that there is an intelligent entity called god though I know we come from somewhere,Man’s quest to find out where we came from is what brought religion,another bunch of deluded people are Muslims who don’t have a clue that their religion was created by Jews in 1916,when they wrote the quran


  12. Bachus
    May 2, 2016

    Knowledge gives you power,faith and belief have no foundation because they don’t want to give evidence,if I tell you that I’m wearing a white shirt and you believe yet I’m not does it make it true?satan came from Egyptian mythology of set and heru or horus the son of osiris,archeology has proven beyond doubt that there never have been any Israelis held captives in Egypt for 400yrs,where are their grades or skeletons,there are Egyptian graves that date 6000yrs,by the way the pyramids are older than Adam at 7000yrs ago


    • Sensei
      May 11, 2016

      Bachus, why do you seek to disapprove the Bible that talks about God whom you claim you do not believe in? Humans have the power to chose what to believe. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you are raise up. We believe what we want to believe. We believe what we chose to believe. You have made a choice and I have too. The difference is brought by the truth and that is the argument that I wish not to engage myself into.

      Every atheist I know, once believed in some doctrine. Then something happened in their lives that did not go according to what they believed and that makes them choose not to believe in anything.

      You make choices in life and in the end, the choices make you and I know for sure that you have made the wrong choice.


      • makagutu
        May 13, 2016

        I would like to know when exactly you chose to believe a god existed or that your particular brand of denomination is the right one.


      • Bachus
        May 19, 2016

        I’m not seeking to disapprove it,it disapproves itself,you claim that it teaches us morality yet it is full of evil acts.A god that is incompetent who joins a bunch of thieves in acts of genocide,can you pliz explain to me how noah managed to fit 3 billion animals in a 50 foot boat?that book that you call holy is nothing but demonic,a go that is more evil than satan another fiction,if satan exists could you show me where he is?and why do angels have wings yet they are spirits?it all doesn’t make sense,everything from creation to the cruciFICTION don’t make any sense it’s irrational
        Peace Bachus

        Liked by 1 person

      • Silas
        September 9, 2016

        All these questions are dust thrown up to disguise the question you should really be asking. Who is Jesus Christ? Logistics of a boat? That is what you really want to place as a charge? On One who made everything by mere command? Angel wings…how is that even relevant. So what if they do? They aren’t your creation. Do you question why an artist chooses to paint blue or red on canvas? You cannot know everything, no human can. Claiming so is not freedom but chaining your eternal fate to a very fallible god, yourself. This lofty self-imposed standard does not hold water. When…not if, but when you die, there will be a reckoning. Choose now what will happen to you then. Because you did not create life, you cannot be the master of your own ship in death. After you have answered all the qeustions of the universe, then what? Knowledge is power, true enough, but it too will forsake you in an instant. In your darkest hour, knowledge cannot save you. Like all other gods, its falseness is apparent.


  13. Mr. White (@ElvisKerabuAmen)
    February 27, 2017

    I find it amusingly annoying when someone poses a quiz like “don’t science stop death?”….then a right thinking being can ask you don’t this so caring, most powerful, mercifual, all knowing and brabrabra god stop the deaths and human suffering???


  14. ton
    April 13, 2017

    it is simply not believing in supernatural!!!!! and why are you talking about marriage and changing lives stop applying double standards here if you have a hidden agenda in changing culture and ways of living you should come out strongly and saying and beating around the bush because i promise you your agenda will be futile, we know who real atheists and we have no problem with them, atheist don’t form groups to dictate or impose ways of living they only stop at the disbelief of gods and other things that science can not explain, let me tell you my brother this group should be careful of what its trending on. your new culture is going to be meet with great opposition that is going to be written in the books of history will you Richardson be the hero or the villain in Kenya’s books of history?


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