Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers …

The idea of original SIN makes no sense!

No heathen tribe has conceived so grotesque an idea, involving as it does the assumption that man was born with a hereditary SIN upon him: and that this sin (for … Continue reading

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Science is open to change! Religion is NOT!

Ever wonder why everything in science is introduced as a theory? Because science is open to change, and alteration as new discoveries are made.  Religion has, is, and always will … Continue reading

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How come this mighty God isn’t bothered about helping starving babies?

So god can make a universe over 28 billion light years across containing billions of stars and planets just so a few apes on one single, insignificant world can worship … Continue reading

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Religion should be like nudity!

Religion should be like nudity: an indulgence unlikely to be fatal in the privacy of the home — permissible, in seclusion, among small groups of like-minded eccentrics — considered scandalous … Continue reading

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Galileo was accused by church for believing the earth revolved round the sun!

Galileo was accused as a heretic by the church for believing that the earth revolved around the sun, countless more were totured and died for the same accusation. Not one … Continue reading

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If only women were not oppressed by barbaric oppressive religions! If only!

What a wonderful planet this would be if women had the freedom world-wide to make their own choices without barbaric, antiquated, oppressive religions dictating their every move for thousands of … Continue reading

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The idea of a puppet-master called God is very narrow minded!

The idea that there must be some kind of king or ruler or puppet-master to control everything or watch out over everything is a very narrow minded, limited, human one.  … Continue reading

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Why do Christians ignore slavery, incest, rape and murder in the Bible?

If you were near someone who said that slavery, incest, rape, and murder were perfectly acceptable, wouldn’t you want to get away from that person, fast? Then why do people … Continue reading

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We have had many sons of Gods!

It’s ironic how the story of Jesus recalls him as being the son of a God, or a half-man, half-god .That story is also similar to that of Hercules, who … Continue reading

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After your child is born, don’t take him to church!

After your child is born, dont take him to church, dont tell him about God, and dont tell him anything about religion until he is matured later in life. Then … Continue reading

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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers ...