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48 comments on “Our Constitution

  1. Maingi Kubai
    February 15, 2014

    It appears to me like there is some confusion here. We start by questioning the existence of God and end up with a conclusion about the efficacy of prayer , a prayer which I suppose is directed at the God who does not exist!
    If God does not exist , what is the use of showing that he does not answer prayer?
    The question of his existence needs to be sorted out before his actions or lack thereof are critiqued.
    If God exists then the lack of the desired answer to the prayer is a commentary on his character not his existence .
    Can we then agree on what is in question ?


  2. Leonard
    March 23, 2014

    I think taking prayer as a subject to prove or disapprove god’s existence is valid. It is used to show why god is non-existent, not the the author thinks he is there and does not do what the prayer asks.


  3. amy
    April 9, 2014

    The things of God are more complex than that. Thats why if you take them at face value, they end up seeming contradicting. If only you will read the Bible the right way with the Spirit of God as your guide, everything will make perfect sense.
    You will never understand the Bible or Christian faith by your five or six senses. It is that simple.
    On healing people with cancer or any other disease, read about Job for example,you will see God does not act in what we would call logical or right or even good. He says his ways are higher than ours and his thoughts higher than ours.


    • MK
      November 29, 2015

      well first on prayer it operates on confirmation bias( please look it up). second it then means the prayers of dying and starving kids aint worth responding to? he by that alone dosent exist or is extremely cruel if he does exist!
      Third on understanding the bible why bother having it written (that is a topic in itself fraught with a lot of contention) if the intended recipients require supernatural powers to understand it? and to aquire these supernatural powers someone has to suspend all rationallity? or would have it subject to interpretation and a personal subjective view?
      on the issue of healing all the pastors and healers wouldnt be at crusades and in churches they would be doing the rounds in the hospitals cancer wards. as for job why have the poor fellow tortured, no rational reason. when you have done away with the rational what is left?


  4. Velma
    April 20, 2014

    This is why I find religion so ridiculous. If god existed, why do you have to “pray a certain way”?? To say that “his” ways are higher than our and his thoughts are highers than our, is condescension at the highest level. People follow religion because they don’t believe in themselves and to live life as it comes and goes, period.


  5. Joe
    April 24, 2014

    mark 6:4-5
    and he could do no miracles there because of their unbelief. He was shocked at their lack of faith.
    And that is what an atheist is
    an unbeliever. Kafiri mkosa dini
    Jesus is shocked by you guys.
    Note. Jesus did not turn the stones into bread when Satan asked him but healed Blind Bartemaeus
    when the blind man begged him to.


    • MK
      November 29, 2015

      mathew 10:5
      realise its implication…


    • George
      May 17, 2016

      Jesus was just a wise guy who roamed the deserts of Middle East.He is dead now, no way a dead man is getting shocked. He wasn’t a god nor a son of one. The town Nazareth never existed, not in any other history books other than the doctored bible. Archaeologists has failed to find a evidence for its existence too.


  6. Joe
    April 24, 2014

    having studied software engineering there is no way things like mpesa would work without somebody having designed and engineered them to be so.
    then the very nature of things in the universe how they work in precision how the earth rotates on its axis and in orbit around the sun makes it extremely difficult to eliminate intelligent design and precision engineering at work by an extremely intelligent being called Creator.
    Even how your body systems work systematically shows intelligent designer at work.
    there is absolutely no chance in a million years that a clock would have all parts working in precision without the need of an intelligent designer.
    Apple could not have come into being without its creator Steve Jobs neither would micro soft exist without Bill Gates
    That intelligent designer or creator is of the universe is what is called God.
    How is it that we have the perfect mix of gases on earth, gravity to hold us down, the atmosphere
    on earth and all things that work in harmony to support life on earth if no intelligence is at work?
    If you could just have an expert neurosurgeon try to explain to you how that brain in your skull works and how some of your body function are carried out just the intelligence behind it how you can even read this message then your claims of there being no intelligence of a kind at work in the universe is hard to attest to.
    If you can eliminate the fact that there is proof of intelligence of sort at work in the universe then we can eliminate the need for an intelligent designer who works with precision who we believers call God.


  7. Ann
    April 24, 2014

    It is like trying to convince us is that Thika road just came into being by itself and sustains itself by itself.
    It had no need and will never need human intervention. Accidents don’t occur when road rules are broken and vandalism doesn’t take place
    your argument is that there was no designer and engineers involved in its construction maybe because you never met them.
    It is like arguing the Nairobi southern bypass now under construction is constructing itself . Its evolving
    at least you can go look at the construction boards and see that there is are designer,engineers, supervisor and financier and record them for posterity so that you may never argue that just because we have no records of how the pyramids of giza were constructed how the massive stones were moved and fitted it just came about randomly.
    for your information somebody designed, engineered, financed and constructed those pyramids.
    If that is so then I put it to you that somebody designed ,engineered, constructed not just the earth but the whole universe. That somebody continues to sustains and continues it to uphold it.
    The only person I know who holds a claim to it calls himself God Almighty creator of not just the earth but also the heavens.
    If you find that your claims are not making sense its because proverbs 14:1 the fool shall say in his heart there is no God.


  8. Ann
    April 24, 2014

    Even if you break nature down to its basic fundamental it goes downs to the atom where we find electrons, neutrons, protons and energy
    But we also find something most important order and intelligence.
    What holds the equations in perfect order and harmony is intelligent design.
    If there was no intelligent design we would have chaos.
    So atoms intelligently design molecules which form particles that form the visible material things we see and hold dear.
    Just as sperms swim intelligently towards the ova to form a foetus and nine months later you and me.
    Refusing to acknowledge the fundamental thing that holds this things into place that is intelligent design leaves us in a rather awkward position of trying to explain how design can exist without a designer.
    God forbid


  9. user9
    April 25, 2014

    Ann and Joe thumbs up that was detailed


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      Don’t be fast at thumbs-uping people. Intelligent design should have made our bodies not get sick, get old or even feel hungry or pain. That to me is intelligent design. When Bill Gates or Microsoft come up with good software, they give their best and these work, but your intelligent designs to me don’t work as perfectly as they should. They only give me all the more room to think and really say, something’s not right. It begins with your intelligent designer but to me there is none.


      • Harry
        August 11, 2015

        Leonard. .. .I agree. Am gonna get an administration to respond to posts.


      • Anthony Irungu Mungai
        November 29, 2015

        True Leo. If there is gods they must be crazy and unfeeling. Most of so called scriptures teach that God’s most basic quality is love. Most followers of any religion are poor and suffering. Isn’t God loving after all?


  10. Jen
    April 25, 2014

    @ ann & Joe just to add Then he the orderly intelligent creator OUR God give us water a universal solvent that is needed by the atheist and theist by the plants and animals in equal measure and he put it everywhere strategically. in the wilderness most dry to be used by his creations. Do you ever wonder how sea creatures survive under the ices, how the waters freeze from top down,how it is colorless and odorless how it travels up the plants


  11. Teddy
    April 26, 2014

    I think we need to teach people to think critically and base their arguments on premises, or provide good grounds to suppose their beliefs are likely true, and voila probably they’ll notice their arguments are rife with fallacies. By definition nothing can be outside of logic, just like the first rule of cosmology as Lee Smolin says “There’s nothing outside the universe ” to allow for Einstein’s general covariance to hold. If you break those rules now we’ve a problem and everything goes into shards…Einstein once asked; Did God have a choice in creating the universe………

    If a god exists we should be able to deduce it through logic, which has proved impossible and the idea of invoking a god has proved nothing, it’s just replacing one phantom with another. Turtles all the way down.

    Socratic dialogues is a good way to do that. Over 2,400 years ago a great man was put to death for asking too many questions. That man was Socrates. One of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. The same question we atheists ask. Some say we’re arrogant. We say it’s a claim worthy of contemplation considering the effect is has had on humanity for thousands of years. And that blasphemy bull, is nothing but a red herring. An imaginary crime for a being they’ve not proved even remotely exists. The burden of proof lies with the one who makes the claim. Big claim require extra solid evidence. Voila.


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      Thank you.


  12. Maingi Kubai
    April 28, 2014

    I think what Teddy has not quite understood is that Anne, Joe and Jen do have a premise or a presupposition . It is that if there is evidence of design , a designer must be assumed whether he is known or unknown . They have provided what they consider evidence of design.
    What Teddy must then do is either:
    Dispute their presupposition by either showing that design does not require a designer, or that not all designs require a designer (some examples would advance his position tremendously ) or,
    Demonstrate that the instances quoted by Anne and co. are not in fact design at all or
    If teddy agrees that the quoted instances are indeed design he could show that there is another designer other than the one posited by kina Anne or at least that he does not exist or that even if he exists he did not in any case do the design.

    We cannot of course urgue with the statement that there is nothing outside the universe as no attempt has been made to validate it so it must for now remain just a sequence of words.
    I am not quite sure that Socrates had much in common with the atheist except that he asked questions but as all sides in this discussion ask questions of each other, we can leave him out of the equation .


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      Ok. With that, if there really has to be a designer, would it mean that that designer had another designer before and another to that and so we have infinite intelligent designers. Please!!! No design, no intelligent designer, period


  13. Teddy
    April 29, 2014

    Okay. The theists argument on this thread a kinda embarrassing. I wanted to neglect them the first time, but since Maingi insists. Here.

    First we start by defining things. What is a god? If we can’t, then we’re going no where. We explain things in terms of things we understand. And if you try to invoke mystery, that won’t help. That only tends to show your space wizard has no explanatory power.

    The argument from design, that roads and mpesa/softwares don’t create themselves is weak. Of course, they don’t come into being naturally. Why? because we know roads are constructed and softwares are programmed. Duuuhhh….The key point here is: we only compare things in terms of other things that are undesigned. We don’t just intuitively recognize design. IF you want to claim this is a creation, you have to compare it to a non god like universe which is undesigned, not created by a benevolent creator. There’s no free pass. You just don’t just get to say it’s a creation…… And as far as scientists are concerned life occurs naturally. You’ve a belly button to prove it… haha

    And the electrons and quarks are the fundamental alphabets of matter. So what? How do you get to invoke a god? That’s a leap of an argument from ignorance. What you’re left with is a God of the gaps. Who keeps getting smaller and smaller, an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance. Voila.


    • Maingi Kubai
      April 30, 2014

      We thank God for little favors ! At least Ted concedes that mpesa and thika road are designed. And he wants comparisons to be made with things that are known. Fair enough , let us go that way:
      Let us take mpesa which is known, and let us take the simplest cell in Ted’s belly button (the choice of anatomy is his not mine). Scientists tell us that the amount of information and complexity of design in the cell is more than all the information in a Boeing 747. But Ted wants us to accept that mpesa is designed but his belly button is not. And the only reason he seems to offer for this is that we do not know the designer of the cell. Chances are in fact that Ted does not know who designed mpesa either .
      Ted also challenges kina Anne to define God, admittedly not the easiest of tasks but allow me to have a go at it:

      When Moses of old asked God who he was he got a rather cryptic ” tell them I AM sent you!” That is how he defined himself. But their are many other descriptions/ definitions:
      The Creator of heaven and earth,
      The Holy one of Israel ,
      The infinite One
      The alpha and the omega,

      And many more.

      This is the God that Anne and co have given credit for the design evident in the universe. The have considered Ted and decided that he is ” fearfully and wonderfully made”, that he is a masterpiece of design and not ” an accidental collocation of atoms ” like some ( including Ted himself ) would have us believe.
      If there are any other claimants to this design, let them stand up and be counted!

      As to understanding God, that is a tall order. He is infinite , we are finite. While we may know something truly about him, it would be illogical to expect that our knowledge would be exhaustive. But he has revealed himself to mankind , in creation, in history, and especially in his son Jesus Christ. That is the brave claim of the Christian.


      • MK
        November 29, 2015

        that is faulty logic so if science cant explain it the god did it? and that is proof of his existence? humm that is circular logic akin to the chicken egg thing lol. well a clarification complexity in organisims dosent translate into or indiicative of design and the jump to the need for a designer

        cosmology does explain where the universe came from you know the big bang theory.

        as for where life on earth came from evolution and abiogenesis does explain that.


  14. Sharon
    April 29, 2014

    I refer to the prayer above read john 14:12-14 anyone who believes in God and whatever you ask for in prayer will be answered.How do you expect God to answer your prayer when you don’t believe he exists?? God is a sovereign God and he will answer prayers at his own time in his own way he is a God of time and seasons.Arise my brothers and sisters because there is God and he is a mighty God I’m proud to be associated with him!


    • MK
      December 28, 2015

      the prayer thing please look up confirmation bias..
      where is god when earthquakes flatten orphanages?
      where is he when priests(who serve in his name) are molesting small boys?
      where is he when terrorists shoot, maim and kill?
      where is he when kids are dying of cancer?
      where is he when people around the world are starving to death?
      either he is asleep on the job or doesn’t give a damn
      or he simply doesn’t exist!!!

      as for quoting verses whats it supposed to be like a Jedi mind trick?
      wave a wand and throw verses alakazam! make unbelievers believe?


  15. Teddy
    April 30, 2014

    Yeah right. A God who chooses not to be involved in war, famine, horrific disaster, you name it, but at the same time will answer your prayers ,perform miracle cures. This choice of interaction to human affairs is limited to that of self promotion, to show the power of pleading with him to act……… Plus it’s amazing how you’re able to cherry pick the bible choosing the parts you like. I guess it’s the only reason Christianity survive. Christians do not read the bible in its entirety, they’d probably denounce religion before reading to the half way point. Ignorance of scripture seems to be the saviour of religion. Those who preach the gospel must spend some of their time devising explanations for the horrific mass killing by their God, archaic moral codes subjugating and insulting women, the contradictions to every claim, factual errors, and the message that comes across that God, if he does exist, is totally unworthy of mankind’s consideration as a rational entity, let alone something worthy of respect, love, worship or prayer…… I guess if you’re a believer in God that would come across as harsh criticism, but if you’re someone who has some mote of honour and see truth as a worthy endeavour, you would too, not believe that postulating arbsurdity. And any God who wants to judge me, knowing the life I’ve lived, and condemn me to hell, I can’t do anything to stop him. Atleast I’ll know that I’m morally superior than ’em, and I’ll be glad to spend an eternity in hell, or whatever…. Yeah. Voila.


    • Maingi
      May 8, 2014

      This is most fascinating! Teddy actually considers himself more righteous than God!
      I thought I had heard everything but this one has astounded me.
      Please tell us Ted , by what standard do you make that conclusion ? Because to make such a claim you must have a standard which you think you are closer to than God is.
      And here I was thinking that atheists do not make value judgements, there is for them no objective right or wrong. Of course I could be wrong, perhaps you believe God exists except that you have a low opinion of him. Tell us.
      As to your understanding of the scriptures you have made general and unsubstantiated on the subject but have not exhibited any familiarity with the bible. Perhaps you could explain further. What errors for example are you alluding to.


  16. Teddy
    May 20, 2014

    Maingi you posited an invisible sky daddy, who you can’t even come close to prove even exists, you only have anecdotal evidence and some nitpicked quotes from a allegedly holy book which I consider to be a repugnant and a genocide manual…… The bible is not evidence. It only makes claim, terrible claims….. It makes knowledge claims, which in the light of the science method and reason wouldn’t stand on their own…. Read your damn book cover to cover and if you at once stop to make an excuse, you’ll just be presumptuous pretending to know your invisible sky daddy’s mind, which is what faith is, pretending to know what you do not know………….. Here’s a thought exeriment for you. If you’re Abraham would you kill your son or someone close to you, if an invisible dude told you?! If you’d not. You’re more moral than this “God” you’re so passionate to defend. By the way, if you’ve read the bible cover to cover it’s not any more holier than any other “holy booksl out there. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a good example, the first time she read the koran cover to cover she was horrified. (Like I said ignorance of scripture is the only saviour of religion)……..And…. As far as morality is concerned it transcends this imaginary being you’re positing and it’s merely a messenger, if it supposedly exist……. And there is absolutely any evidence…… If you think, you’ve based your belief on evidence, here; ask yourself what would change your mind, if the answer is no, then by definition you’ve proved you haven’t based your belief on evidence. Then your “God theory” can’t be falsified, which is a prerequisite for a scientific theory….. That’s why God isn’t a good theory, it doesn’t have any explanatory power…. It leaves more questions than it answers…….. Voila.


  17. Maingi
    May 29, 2014

    It is rather difficult to follow your reasoning Teddy as you seem to be all over the place and nowhere specific . I think if meaningful discourse is to be realized it may be wiser to take one or two issues at a time and consider them exhaustively before moving on to the next.
    But let me begin by clarifying something, I do not believe that God exists because the bible says so. After all the bible was written in space and time and God created both. I do believe however that the bible is the word of God with all the consequences of that statement .
    But for our immediate purpose let us ignore the bible. Let us pick a subject and look at it without reference to the bible. Because you are so passionate about it, let us talk about morality . I assume that in talking about morality as you do you believe some things to be objectively right and others to be objectively wrong. Please tell me, how do you make your moral judgements? Do you have a standard against which you judge? Can a moral law exist without a moral law giver? If not who is the law giver in your atheist jurisdiction ? Over to you.

    Ps. If you ever desired face to face discussion, I will buy the coffee.


  18. Teddy
    June 6, 2014

    God created space and time?! haha… Then who created God?! Wait. I know. He always existed. Yeah right!!…. What you have is a invisible sky daddy, who bootstrapped himself into existence,sitting outside of space-time, who later decided to create the universe…. That seems non-sequiturish and it makes zero sense …. I hope you do realize that space-time is a construct of the universe. it’s a well established scientific fact. That’s what Einstein general relativity is all about…. And that’s what makes gps possible… That’s physics for you……………….. Atheist jurisdiction? This is what most people get wrong. It’s not a system of belief and we don’t have lawgivers. It’s not like I am going to burn in darwin’s basement or other potpourri of crackpottery theists think of. Atheism is just the lack of belief in god(s). Fullstop …….. About morality, it’s so simple, we’re empathetic beings. Are you a person who cares for your fellow humans, like when they are prospering, and so on?! if you are. To me you’re a moral person. The problem is people have it all wrong, they think those repulsive books makes them moral. Being a theist or an atheist doesn’t make you moral. Loving or being a caring person for your fellow human does….. I can go on and on about morality….. The problem with a god who says for example rape or murder is wrong can always say it’s okay… like for example numbers 31:17-18 ” now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman hath known man by living with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves”…… But we can agree objectively that rape and murder is wrong (unless you’re psychotic like this biblical fringer)…… And that is why I said in the last post mortality transcends your invisible sky daddy…. Voila.


  19. Maingi
    June 11, 2014

    I am getting a bit confused. Are you saying that the universe created time and space? That would of course make the universe something outside of time and space.
    On the moral issue my question is not whether rape and murder are wrong. They are. The question is on what grounds do you declare the rapist wrong and yourself right on the matter. Remember the rapist rapes because in his value system it is alright.


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      The simple point u r being asked is whether it is right for a god to demand for someone to kill and rape for any justification for any “wrong-doing” on the part of the victims. Have u even read that in your bible? God is loving again god is commanding killing and rape.


  20. wambui
    August 4, 2014

    no offense,the problem with atheists is that they are very sturbbon and attension seekers,they know the right way but have refused to listen


    • Leonard
      August 11, 2015

      What might be the right way, we ain’t stubborn but as for me I like using my brain for what it is meant for, thinking. Call it insults but have your way not using your wits or being weak in thinking.


    • George M
      May 17, 2016

      I am not. Now you see why one might not be able to have a constrictive debate with assuming people, like you seem to be? Why do you assume you know all atheist and their characters?


  21. wxlog
    October 13, 2014

    if i were god i wouldn’t answer your prayer either. Not when you are full of insults and pompiuos self righteousness like you know it all.

    Because logic is your god allow me to be logical.
    I exist but if you are thirsty and show up on my door with this kind of attitude i would not give you a glass of water.
    Does it therefore follow that because i wouldn’t give you water, on account of your attitude towards me, that i don’t exist?
    Have you recently tried to woo a girl with insults and slaps? What was the results? Attitude matters in communication.

    And yet god is more patient and faithful than i can find words. Its that its a little difficult, from experience, to really know who or what god is. Our money bags televangelists muddy the water with greed and ignorance as they mention the word god repeatedly….. so it because more difficult to know who or what god is.

    You need faith to talk to god and our prayers of give me a car, heal cancers and such like stupidity do not always add up to a prayer that god can honor.

    But there does exist a prayer that god always answers to… it goes like this.

    … Thy will be done on earth
    …. As its done in heaven
    … Give us this day our daily bread

    But i must say someone needs humility to appreciate the will of god as opposed to our incessant and often greedy needs .

    Also a revelation from god to know what our daily bread is.

    Because, from experience, our daily bread can range from placing food on the table for our family to sitting in the oval office as president of the united states of america. Indeed being the president of the world….. can be our daily bread.

    There is what is exactly needed and god gives strength, opportunity and ability to those who are humble before him.

    Give us this day our daily bread. Is a powerful prayer to god. You should try it.


    • MK
      January 2, 2016

      wxlog riddle me this!
      where is the bread for the starving kids?
      or don’t they pray asking for food?
      or the starving kids prayers for sustenance don’t qualify?
      or it is his will that they die of malnutrition and starvation?
      that is wicked and immoral period!


  22. wxlog
    October 13, 2014

    Dear God, almighty, all-powerful, all-loving creator of the universe, we pray to you to cure every case of cancer on this planet tonight. We pray in faith, ……

    We pray sincerely, knowing that when God answers this completely heartfelt, ……………..

    This prayer is having mega loopholes and problems.
    1. The prayer is not in faith.
    It is made in bad faith ie expecting that the things prayed for will not happen. Asking while expecting not to get, even in plain English, is not asking in faith.

    2.Its absolutely not sincere.
    From the start the prayer was made with an intention of mockery,… to prove god is not there and so not in sincerity.
    I desperately want to assume atheists know the common meaning and application of the word sincere.

    Come one atheists. At least let us be logical. By being faithful to the truth in our hearts and minds. Even you can agree this is more dishonest than the religious people you happily keep bashing.


  23. Seiya Radamantis
    May 5, 2015

    Love is in the air, every where I look around (singing…) but LOVE does not exist because nobody can prove it, nobody can see it… we use language to try to express what LOVE is… but the way LOVE is experienced by each person is so SUBJECTIVE, some will say love is an increment in the glandes that causes feelings of bla, bla, bla… I cannot explain what is LOVE to you but I experience it every day….

    Form GOD we can only talk in analogies because our language is limited to describe it, finite things cannot contain the INFINITE… we have always tried to give God an anthropomorphic shape because we are human and only in that way we could feel a relationship with GOD. In this sense we can say we have CREATED an image of GOD (as we understand it or to make reference to him) but not GOD.

    The Bible is a book of FAITH, not an historical book (but some historical events are included in it), not a scientific book, the Bible contains poetry, narrative, parables, metaphors, mythology and more…. reading it literally is a mistake…

    …. reading the comments it has been interesting…


  24. walter
    July 4, 2015

    Dissemble the various components of a Computer. ,place them in a room somewhere far away from any human interference for a day,a month or a year. Come back n see if the computer “remade” itself having all its components intact ……..If Yes,Go on n proclaim “There is no God”
    If No,….one word for yu……….”FOOL”


  25. Leonard
    August 11, 2015

    Sawa, go also and disassemble yourself or chop 1 hand off then truly pray (and fast) for whatever time to god to ‘remake’ it, if it does, I will believe in your god, if not then am still here. Be reasonable with your suggestions.


  26. Leonard
    August 11, 2015

    Words of thought, more so with the computer as an example. You ‘create’ a computer, albeit with its defects and short-comings. Who gets blamed? the computer or you? And yet you are perfect??? Also who is at a loss, the computer never wanted to be around and whether it gets ‘burnt’ or destroyed it has no loss, it didn’t waste its time or energy being, twas just there. Its for you to see your loss in making (creating) a defective thing, blaming it for its wrong-doing and at last for destroying (burning) it. That’s for you christians, I don’t believe that life plot your bible advocates.


  27. pat
    January 26, 2016

    u all are talking too much….natural selection,natural selection….the only reason why u r alive is an accident ….yes,its a constructive accident….anyone who wants to challenge that?…u r welcomed


  28. Gus
    April 13, 2016

    Hello admin,

    The very first word of our constitution is a typo*.
    Bad show, people.



  29. Makova snr
    April 19, 2016

    there was once a God. But that God is an idea you can argue all you want against but you will die defeated and dead…


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