Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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There is only one life!

mysterious-lights-in-marfa-texasW​e​ (atheists)​ have no belief in an afterlife. Death is the end and we do not survive it.

​W​e are different from the religions: almost all religions believe in a continued existence after this life, some of them a reincarnation in this world, others a translation to a different realm of existence – and sometimes they believe in existences before this life too. The afterlife is invariably linked to the way one lives in this life, and the imagery of the Christian Last Judgement terrified Christians until recently – indeed, it still does terrify some today.

Our belief is much more benign: death is the end.

This is buttressed by modern science – by chemistry & biology. We are not souls trapped in a mortal body: what we are resides in our bodies and brains, and bodily death means the end of the vastly intricate system of matter animated by electro-chemical impulses that make us up. Personality cannot survive death: indeed, its dependence on the brain is starkly illustrated by the effects of some brain injuries and of dementia.


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