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Who wrote the Bible?

People wrote it.  Multiple authors wrote it over centuries.  Obviously the “Old Testament” was written more than 2100 years ago (I understand maybe up to 3000 years ago, so maybe from 900 BCE to 200BCE — I’m not sure and it’s not that important to my point).  The New Testament was written later, within the last 2000 years.  Again, both are a compilation of writings and books done over centuries.
After the various texts were written, religious leaders chose what to include in the book and performed general editing to create a complete work.  On this point, there were and remain various “editions” or versions of the book.

The first printing press was first invented around 1050 in China.  The (more modern) printing press was “invented” in Europe in 1450.  For context, the modern science era began in the 1500’s.  Prior to that, books were rare and generally of very few copies.  Any copies were hand made, and unless hired for only a copy (manual reproduction), it was not uncommon for texts to “evolve” over time because of a new authors input, corrections, editing or other influences.

Most people today would probably have a hard time understanding those times – prior to the printing press, and of few authors/writers and books.  One might compare that to computer programmers today, only a few people controlled the information for others.  Only what was “important enough” to write down (think politically – of value to those with money/power), made it into a book.  The “victors” write history, right?


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