Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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If an atheist is in the hospital, would you actively pray for them?

Being an atheist for many decades, I never pray, not for myself nor for any reason, not even under the most dire circumstances. To do so would be a waste of time since no one is listening. To go slightly off topic for a moment, although I do not pray I very often talk to myself. The difference is, I know very well that it’s just me. It’s a bit like therapy and it helps me to gather my thoughts.
On occasion I have had theists ask if they could pray for me. In fact, it happened rather recently. To be honest, when someone knows that I’m an atheist and yet asks such a thing, I take it as an insult. Nevertheless, I politely say, “I would rather that you did not.” So far, this has always been the end of it, but it anyone were to push it, I surely would explain to them exactly why I was insulted.

Final answer: Absolutely not. Do not pray for an atheist under any circumstances unless you know them very well and know that it’s alright with them.


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Bringing together non-believers

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