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Do atheists believe in the devil?

Many don’t. Atheists generally lack a belief in gods. Any attempt to find something that we all do believe in is likely to fail.
There are no doubt some atheists that will believe in some version of the devil. But most seem to reject the idea.

The classical version of the devil’s whole backstory hinges on there being a god. Lucifer was created by God and became his favourite angel. Lucifer rebelled against God, so God cast him down. And so on. If God does not exist, then nor can this version of the devil.With pretty much any version of the devil, he is ascribed supernatural powers, and a disbelief in such supernatural powers is a common reason many atheists have for not believing in any gods, so this would logically lead them to disbelieve in the devil too.

I’m sure there are some atheists who believe in the devil, just as there are some who believe in ghosts, an afterlife, re-incarnation, and so on. But my impression of the atheists I’ve met and talked to, is that most don’t.


One comment on “Do atheists believe in the devil?

  1. leonsfree
    May 24, 2017

    I find people asking me this all the time and my answer has been that, I believe in good and evil but never necessarily that they have ‘heads’ or ‘topmost commanders’ in the form of god for good and devil for evil. In fact the english language coiners had it easy to remove o from good and add d for evil to get the supposed ‘heads’. I find that if the devil is all evil why does he do some good some times and the god good and does wicked things some times. No god! no devil!


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