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Atheists don’t “HATE” God!

The phrase “atheists hate god(s)” is a fallacious anti-atheist argument which attempts to label atheism as a mere emotional opposition to god(s), rather than a reasoned denial of the existence of said god(s). Atheists do not deny the existence of god(s) because they “hate god(s)” or “want to live in sin”, because atheists don’t believe in these things, any more than Christians hate, say, the gods of Hinduism. 
If they’re mad, generally they’re pissed at something a religious person or group has done. After claiming that atheists hate god, many writers go on to attack “militant” atheism and new atheism.

In line with the varied specific beliefs of atheists in the world, some may actually wish a god did exist (but can’t reconcile this with what they observe, such as the problem of evil), some would very much dislike the god portrayed in the Bible/Qur’an (etc.) and don’t believe such a being could exist, some simply do not care, and many will fall somewhere in between.

The argument is extremely common and shows no signs of going away; see the quotes section. A common retort to atheist arguments goes along the lines of “if you don’t believe in god(s), why do you talk about [it/him/her/them] so much?”


One comment on “Atheists don’t “HATE” God!

  1. Archon's Den
    June 7, 2017

    Atheists don’t ‘talk about God.’ They talk about religious people flaunting/pushing their belief and their particular deity. 😦


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