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What do atheists think about Islam?

We definitely do not think of Islam as we think of other religions. Most commonly stated reason is that unlike other religions, Islam still holds a lot of political power. This makes Islam more capable of causing harm than other religions. We sometime even experience this first hand. 
It’s not rare to see atheists ranting on social media in a closed group or forum about how ‘xyz’ about Islam is just unfair and stupid.The almost unanimous consensus among atheists here is that Islam is misogynist, sexist, and hampers progress regarding gender equality.

Some of us even claim that Islam is the root of all the problems of our country. They claim that we have to get rid of Islam if we want to make progress.Islam is homophobic. Few ,if any, atheists would argue this.

Another thing that sets Islam apart in our eyes is that, unlike the followers of other religions, a significant portion of Muslims still take Quran literally. Sure there are ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ Muslims, But they are the exception rather than the rule.We hate blasphemy laws. (Imagine your life being controlled by arbitrary sets of rule and not being able to speak against them. 

Although Blasphemy has a precise definition in the law, people tend to take almost every criticism of Islam as blasphemous.)There are also a small category of us who just hate Islam. Like really hate it. 


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