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Stop making us feel guilty for NOT loving JESUS CHRIST!

“Jesus died because of your SINS.” Christians say this to non-believers to make them feel like shit. The idea is that those who disbelieve in Jesus are ungrateful bastards who refuse to love someone who loves them so much that he let Roman soldiers brutally torture him to on their behalf. This line always gets to me when Christians pull this card. I think most Christians probably use this phrase to shame unbelievers.
I have several things about this tactic that really upsets me: 1) I don’t get why Jesus had to die to forgive sins. Humans don’t have to kill to forgive sins. 2) It’s hard to feel special for this sacrifice when he supposedly died for every human being on the planet. 3) It’s hard to realize the alleged benefit of this is 60 years away.

I just find it irritating that I’m evil for not feeling love for Jesus (who I can’t see or hear) as much as I do humans (who I can) all because he died and Jesus magic made him able to feel (conditional) forgiveness. I just question the idea of love being an obligation for doing something for someone. I feel love because someone makes me happy, not because I owe them love. Why can’t Christians realize that love doesn’t work like they say it does?


One comment on “Stop making us feel guilty for NOT loving JESUS CHRIST!

  1. Leonard
    April 15, 2017

    Another line to that is, if he really died for our sins why are we still sinful or have to repent. Someone bails you outta a bank loan debt, how comes you are still owed? How many times do you repay?


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