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The idea that the universe was designed by a God is very self-absorbed and selfish!

The idea that the universe was designed, was proposed mainly by ancient religious texts, and for understandable reason. Even without looking so hard back to ancient history, the fact that science was yet to be invented said it all: Nobody knew how universe, human, or anything else came to be. And we’re still not quite sure yet, even now.
The notion that the planet Earth or a single species called Homo sapiens were very specifically designed was very self-absorbed and selfish. It didn’t do justice to the vastness of the universe and other organism that exists with us. If I’d ask a question along this line, I’d probably enlarge the scope so as to accommodate more stuff like other animals, plants, the stars, galaxies and other more.

Now, the very idea of designing something, is to make it the best it can be and as flawless as possible. And assuming that the designer of the universe is a perfect designer, therefore, the universe in turn, should be perfect. You might think for a second that’s the way the universe is, by assumption, as any other person who believe in this notion would. 

But when you look at some of the “designed” species on Earth, creepiest thing that shouldn’t even be there, the way the designed creatures act and behave, I for one, could see this is not the way any designer would – in their right mind – would have designed it. At least I wouldn’t.


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers

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