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Lies taught to OUR women! 

1. You were created from and for man.

2. You are to be submissive to men, especially in church and in your marriage.

3. Since you are a less sexual being than a man, you are responsible for making it easier for the men in your life to maintain pure thoughts.

4. Your sexual purity is your worth.

5. Each sexual partner you have before marriage takes a piece of your heart that you can never get back, and if you give away too much of your heart you will eventually have nothing left to give.

6. Within marriage, denying sex to your husband is sinful.

7. It’s weird for women to masturbate.

8. Women who seek out sex with multiple partners are sluts and probably have daddy issues.

9. It is actually better if a man doesn’t marry a woman at all, but if he burns with lust then he’ll have to settle for marriage even though it’ll get in the way of him serving god to the best of his ability.

10. If you really think about it, everything that is wrong with the world is because of women.

The Bible discriminates broadly against women, showing that it’s not the work of a god but rather that of misogynistic men. Misogyny begins in the third chapter of the Bible and continues to the very end. There is no possibility that a god who created the universe would view men and women as unequals, though it is hardly surprising that the Iron Age men who wrote the Bible had beliefs along that line.

It is not just scripture but also the way in which it has been used by church leaders to ingrain women with a sense of inferiority. A true god would never have allowed his true faith to cause this injustice.


One comment on “Lies taught to OUR women! 

  1. misaki
    March 31, 2017

    True, most religious books don’t teach gender equality. It is nice that we, humans, saw that these books were wrong and women deserve equal rights to men.


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