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Why the Bible Is Not the Word of God!

The Holy Bible is not a book inspired by God. It’s a collection of Christian texts that is the result of refinement by men who thought they were led by God to discern his teachings. The early Christian world was diverse and everyone had a different take on the Gospel of Jesus. 

These disagreements were “settled” in large meetings of high ranking priests called “Councils.” The Council of Hippo (one of the African Synods) drew up a collection of texts, which is now the Catholic Bible (including a class of texts I would call Apocrypha), in 393 AD. St. Jerome is credited with creating the Old Latin Vulgate, which was the outcome of the African Synods and was used as the Bible for centuries.

The Bible’s last book to be penned was the Book of Revelation of John of Patmos in the late 80’s early 90’s AD. The first compilation of cannon did not come about until about three hundred years later at the Council of Hippo. The iconic (though fictional) scene of Martin Luther nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door until October 31, 1517, over a millennium after the composition of the Vulgate. The Kings James Version would make its debut in the year of 1611 (before the letter J existed, so the name “Jesus” did not appear once). 

Presently, I struggle to accept this book (a couple of  unadulterated word of God.


2 comments on “Why the Bible Is Not the Word of God!

  1. Ingeborg Albert
    March 28, 2017

    Hallo – it`s so phantastic to read your newsletter – sometimes a little bit difficult for me to translate – my english is not perfect, but i dry (there is a help by google and my dictionary). I enjoy it. Thanks a lot – greetings to Africa – to Kenia – to all Atheists in your country!!!
    Greetings from Ingeborg Albert – Germany


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