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No atheist was involved in the crucifixion of Jesus!

Christians should take note that NO atheists were involved in the crucifixion of their “god”. History tells us that Jesus broke local religious laws, tantamount to blasphemy. Edicts instituted by theist government.
He was arrested by theists, tried for his crimes by theists, found guilty and sentenced to death by theists, beaten, tortured and then made to carry his cross to a hill outside the city by theists, nailed to that cross by theists, had his legs savagely broken by theists and a theist soldier thrust his sword through his chest.

Not ONE atheist would have been involved in any of the above. Simply because it would have been against their logic. No point in killing the Messiah. Have a talk,  find out why he says he God. Take him to a psychiatrist. Not nailing him to the cross! 

I would have to imagine that if had I been around at that time I would’ve had to keep my atheist head down through fear of being nailed to a cross myself. But I dare bet that that atheist head of mine would have been shaking in total disbelief at the silliness of it all.


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Bringing together non-believers

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