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How can you say Jesus Christ died for you? No he didn’t!

According to the Bible, Jesus was arrested, beaten, humiliated, spat upon, crucified and died, all within about a forty hour span, with his body removed from the cross and interred before the beginning of Sabbath.
Then, according to the myth, he came back to life, and then arose into heaven, and since then has been relaxing in a mansion of gold on the right side of God. Lol. 

So — how can you say he died for you? Have YOU thought about this so-called ‘death’? Why die,  ressurect and go back to heaven? Where’s the sacrifice? 

Lots of people die. In fact, lots died from crucifixion. The death of one man doesn’t make all the others insignificant. Was Jesus not a man but actually a god? If so, that has yet to be shown.

It’s not like this death is dramatically worse than death today. Crucifixion may no longer be a worry, but cancer is. Six hours of agony on the cross is pretty bad, but so is six months of agony from cancer.

The absurdity of the story, of course, is the resurrection. If Jesus died, there’s no miraculous resurrection, and if there’s a resurrection, there’s no sacrifice through death. Miracle or sacrifice—you can’t have it both ways. The gospels don’t say that he died for our sins but that he had a rough couple of days for our sins.


One comment on “How can you say Jesus Christ died for you? No he didn’t!

  1. crossroman
    July 2, 2017

    If there is no truth to this, why do you bother?


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