Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers …

What was God doing before he “created” humans?

Have you ever wondered what god was doing for trillions and trillions upon trillions of years before he made the universe and humans? Twiddle his thumbs? Stack toothpicks? Sing show tunes to himself? Did he just one day say. “hmmm, I’m really powerful but it’s been a really long time and I’m getting DAMN bored. I know! Maybe I’ll make something! Yeah, I’ll make some planets and some, uh, living creatures and maybe even one special creature that is a bit smarter than the others and will have control of the dumber ones.” 

I mean really, why did he just think of doing something a couple thousand years ago when he has supposedly existed for trillions and trillions of centuries?


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers ...

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