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Do atheists have less hope and purpose in life than religious folks?

Christians believe that the entire history of the universe – covering billions of years of time and billions of light-years of space – was a vast conspiracy to produce us, who have a crucial role in this cosmic play, for which the center stage is an out-of-the-way dustball called Earth.
The life of a Christian quite literally “echoes for eternity.” His actions have eternal consequences. He has a cosmic “calling” on his life from the Creator of the Universe, which tells him what his role is in the most epic battle between good and evil imaginable, played out by earthly creatures and magical spirits for thousands of years.

So yeah, Christians have some serious purpose to their lives.

Do atheists have less purpose than that? Yeah.

Atheists have less purpose because we accept that our actions will not have eternal consequences. We accept that we are but tiny ants on a dust speck circling a tiny star in a tiny galaxy in an irregular galaxysupercluster amongst millions of other galaxy superclusters. We exist for the blink of an eye, and our influence lasts only a few blinks more.

But there is purpose to an atheist’s life. It’s not like there’s no reason to attend a party just because it will be small and it will end. The difference between Christian purpose and atheist purpose is that atheist purposes might be real.

What is that purpose? It can be many things. I will suggest one major purpose in a minute…

Do atheists have less hope?

Christians have the hope that at the end of time all pain and suffering will end for the righteousevery evildoer will be punished, every good person rewarded; those who believed in Jesus will be sent to a place of eternal bliss and reunited with their loved ones.

That’s a lot of hope. It’s false hope, but it’s a lot of it. Do atheists have less hope than that?


Atheists have less hope than Christians have in the same way that adults have less hope than young children on Christmas Eve. The adults know that special gifts do not come from a jolly man in the sky with infinite resources. Young children – and Christians – have not yet grasped this.

But this does not mean atheists are without hope. It just means we hope for more realistic goals. It also means we face reality square in the face, figure out how reality works, and use that knowledge to better mankind.


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