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What’s the big deal about Jesus Christ dying on the cross?

Very often I’m coming across statements like “God loves you unconditionally, he even sacrificed his son for you” or “Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins”.

In the history of humanity, we have had thousands of fathers, brothers and sons (and mothers, sister, daughters of course) sacrificing themselves for their families.

The difference is, as opposed to those people sacrificing themselves for their families, with his direct line to God and all, Jesus knew for a fact that Heaven awaits him in the afterlife and that God exists.

Obviously it was Gods plan to sacrifice Jesus from the beginning, God already knew that when bringing him into this world. Being God and all, he also knows that good things await Jesus in the afterlife, so he wouldn’t really need to feel bad about it.

To formulate my question in a different way: Who wouldn’t sacrifice himself for his family or even other fellow human beings if you could be 100% sure there is such a thing as heaven and you’d get a straight entry ticket with your sacrifice?

Jesus dying on the cross should not be a big deal!


One comment on “What’s the big deal about Jesus Christ dying on the cross?

  1. Leonard
    March 5, 2017

    Apart from his crucifixion being a non-issue, it simply did not happen. No valid credence to that event. Then, actually if he did, why do are we still ‘sinners’. Xtianity…Jesus…Religion…all in a group called SHAM.


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