Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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Why the hell do Africans still believe and worship Jesus Christ? 

I want to know why people of African origin still believe in Jesus Christ and Christianity in general. A substantial number of Africans believe quite religiously in Christianity, which was originally the religion imposed on them by white slave oppressors and forceful European missionaries in Africa in the past.
Basically what I mean is that, Christianity was forced upon many Africans by forceful Christian missionaries and by slave-drivers. They were forced to reject their traditional native beliefs and religions for Christianity. 

In the UK, even though less that 10% of British people visit church, the majority of churchgoers are those of African origin. White British kids don’t really care at all about religion or church, but a substantial number of children of African origin visit church every Sunday in the UK and wear religious artifacts such as crucifixes etc.

Christian missionaries tried to do the same thing that they did in Africa in India – to convert natives into Christians and make them stop believing in indigenous Hindu and Vedic religions. After Independence from Britain, the majority of those that were converted to Christianity went back to believing in Hinduism and Buddhism again, as they had the freedom to practice their traditional religions.

Why is it that, even though Africans now have religious freedom, they continue to practice Christianity and do not revert back to traditional religions that their ancestors followed back in Africa?


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