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Why do Christians/ Muslims assume that atheists live without morals?

MOST Christians/ Muslims assume atheists are without morals due to the simple fact that they don’t believe in the Christian/ Muslim god.
Some argue that morality comes from god, that god defines what is good and what is bad. These same folks argue further that because atheists don’t believe in this god, they’re cut off from the god, and thus cut off from the moral directives supposedly supplied by this god.
The same ‘feeling’ they claim as the basis for their faith, the connection to their god they presume causes this feeling, is the same source of morality they believe atheists lack.

Some argue that atheists, because they don’t believe in the Christian/ Muslim god, therefore do not believe in ANYTHING, including moral behavior. 

The truth is, atheism is nothing more and nothing less than not believing in the existence of gods.

Atheism is AMORAL. It’s also A-EVERYTHING ELSE. It has nothing to do with anything besides the question of belief in gods. Except if you’re a believer in gods, and also believe that morality can only come from your god.

This does not mean that an atheist is amoral. Atheists draw moral conclusions and opinions from the same sources as everyone else. Those sources are the innate human capacities known as ’empathy’ and ‘compassion’.

Every ‘normal’ human experiences empathy and compassion. A human who does not experience empathy has a mental disorder, and is a sociopath.

Questions about what is right and what is wrong have been asked for thousands of years throughout human history, with answers varying to one extreme or another, and everywhere in between.
For the most part, human morality is relative, subject to the knowledge, experiences and desires of the society at the time.
However, when one group wishes to claim moral superiority based on the supposed whims of a source they cannot produce to any degree at all, there will be problems, and there will be conflicts. Enter the ‘holy war’…

A secular and humanistic ethos cannot help but be morally superior to any and every religion that pretends it’s got the Red Line to a supreme, supernatural moral authority that can’t even be proved to exist.


3 comments on “Why do Christians/ Muslims assume that atheists live without morals?

  1. Khi
    March 3, 2017

    In the facts sects are much more amoral than those claiming to be atheists.. atheism is based on reason.. sects speech are based on delusion, lies, manipulation this is perfectly amoral ..


  2. Rad Doherty
    March 6, 2017

    Behavior, whether good or bad, isn’t determined by someone’s religion or lack of religion. Science has surely shown us all that behavior is determined by nature and nurture.
    I live in the United Kingdom and most religionists here do not associate atheism with a lack of morals or with bad behavior. If any do make that association they have the good sense not to say so in public for fear of being seen as ignorant. Kenyan society may be different.


    • Storm
      March 31, 2017

      Phil Weiss wrote:“And these officers are also moderates, they are all pulling for the two state solution. When it fails, I have little doubt where that female officer will go.3;2#08&” Nor do I where both she and the two other officers will go additionally, and it won’t be towards sympathy towards jews unfortunately, including especially American jews. For the life of me I don’t understand why the American and European jewish communities at least doesn’t see this … and extrapolate. Power changes hands, and today’s elites and favorites are tomorrow’s villains.


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