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5 things Atheists hate being asked by Christians!


1. Who created you?

Not God! Dah!

Anyways! The origin of the universe is one of the greatest unanswered questions in the history of mankind. Humans have been debating it for thousands of years, and every religion attempts to posit a different explanation. Questions about the origin of the universe – or, indeed, the origin of reality in general – are challenging for science to tackle head-on. The simple answer is: we don’t know. We may never know exactly how the universe was formed or what, if anything, came before it, although science does have a few ideas to explore. However, not knowing the answer does not give us free range to make something up.

2. What church do you go to?

This one seems really innocent, but at its heart is a blatant Christian privilege. People will assume that you are Christian and that you go to church.

Thankfully nowadays I actually have a productive answer instead of the seemingly disappointing, “I’m an atheist, so I don’t go to church” or the entertaining answer, “I’m a satanist, so I find a dark cave where I can be alone with the lord Satan and relinquish my soul to the underworld.”

3. If humans came from monkeys then why are monkeys still here?
Oh, boy. This one used to get my blood boiling. Not because it is a difficult question to answer, but rather because it is usually asked in such a “checkmate atheist” manner.

The question is really incredibly silly. It’s kind of like asking, “If Mexicans came from Belgians, then why are Belgians still here?” Humans didn’t come from monkeys just like Mexicans didn’t come from Belgians.

Even if humans did come from monkeys it doesn’t mean that monkeys couldn’t still exist. If you think that if something comes from another thing then the first thing must destroyed then you completely misunderstand the process of procreating. It’s much like asking, “If a child comes from its parent, then why is the parent still here?” It’s a nonsense question.

The answer is that modern monkeys and humans both came from a distant cousin that was ape-like. Think of the letter Y. The crotch of the Y is where the species of monkey and human started to split from each other and become distinct species. Do that split enough times and you get the tree of life. Evolution is really pretty easy to understand.

4. Isn’t the complexity of the eye proof of the wonders that God created everything?

I feel like leaving it at that, but I guess I should explain. The argument goes that there is no way that a complete human eye could’ve just popped into existence via evolution.

Obviously. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s obvious because that’s not how evolution works. The human eye didn’t go from no eye to fully functioning human eye – it had stages. “What’s the point of half an eye?”, you might ask. And it’s a good question.

Say you’re a little plankton or something floating about in the water, It would be really nice to know if there is a predator above you, or if there is a source of light in some direction where you can get heat or energy. It would be really nice if you had even just a light receptor. Something that tells you if there is light or dark.

Why our eyes evolved is the same question as to why the wing evolved. Although it may not seem like there is much of an advantage to having half a wing, half of a wing can make you drop to the ground slower or run a little faster while you flap it which may save your life or help you get more food. The same thing happened with the eye – it helped our ancestors survive more than others in our species that didn’t have a more complicated eye. The more advanced eyes ended up being better than less advanced eyes creating a survival of the fittest condition.

For more information about the evolution of the eye check out this really cool website that breaks it down with fun picture and animations!

5. So you believe in nothing?
Of course I believe in something! For starters I believe that all children need to have a good education!


One comment on “5 things Atheists hate being asked by Christians!

  1. atandi P
    February 27, 2017

    If you don’t know the origin oh the earth, then why do you believe in evolution? i thought evolution theory explains the origin of the earth?


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