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Why religion discourages you from asking questions! 

There is a very fundamental reason why many religions insist that their followers do not look elsewhere for answers to life’s questions. It is the questioning that leads to the answers that free people and give them an understanding of the whole picture rather than the narrow view from a small corner of their mind. 

It is the refusal to ask the questions that keeps them devoted to one specific answer. Take away the questioning and you ensure a future of followers. How do you take away the questioning? You make everything else evil. You make everything scary and frightful so that the follower is actually afraid of swaying from that one answer they have been given. You take away their desire to ask the questions.

Why do many believers refuse to study ancient religions, cultures, science, and philosophy? Why do they refuse to befriend or feel scornfully towards those who do not share their beliefs? Why are these things, these other people around them, these conflicting ideas automatically wrong? Have they been taught this mindset?

Anything that fervidly opposes diligent inquiry is not representative of the truth.

Former believers are most aware that the reason for this fear is that their god, their family or peers, their religious leaders and their own internal self-judgement will be discontent with their “inappropriate” curiosity. They fear that it is “the enemy” tempting them away from their faith by introducing them to ideas that conflict with their religion’s version of the truth. 

They have been taught (often from birth) that questioning is wrong – that seeking answers and gaining knowledge was not meant for us. These concepts are so deeply embedded in their thought that they can even feel guilty just thinking about questioning their faith. Many rarely stop to think about why they have been discouraged from asking questions and understanding things outside their religious sphere. 

Does the truth need restrictions if it is the truth? No, not unless the truth is being hidden in order to perpetuate the misconception in order to reap the benefits of the purpose of hiding that truth. This becomes overwhelmingly obvious to those who do ask the questions and honestly think about the answers. How obvious this becomes when we recognize how hiding the truth can profit those who discourage their followers from questioning the validity of their beliefs.


One comment on “Why religion discourages you from asking questions! 

  1. Khi
    February 26, 2017

    I am from France. I tried to engage discussion with my mum (who is in such a sect , catho one).. she always refused to admit the contradictions I was showing her.. I tried also with a young muslim girl.. she told that she would answer without problem to all the my questions with honesty.. I asked few questions.. she wasn’t able to answer, then she said she will answer at a later time and left the country without answering.. There is hence a deep lack of intellectual honesty.. the sects put them in the head always the same trick , just believe without critical spirit.. what we tell you can’t be decided true or false through logical thought .. this is the root of the manipulation.. Trump systematic denial is no more than the same denial..


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