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Not all Atheists Are Rational or even Intelligent!

rationalContrary to popular opinion, not all atheists are rational. As a matter of fact, quite a number of atheist are irrational. Rational thinking is the ability to consider the relevant variables of a situation and to access, organize, and analyze relevant information (e.g., facts, opinions, judgments, and data) to arrive at a sound conclusion.
Indeed, several authors have defined intelligence, at least in part, as the ability to solve problems rationally.

Let me outline some behaviors that are not generally rational. Behavior that is justified by an appeal to tradition, custom or religion is considered irrational. So we can argue that Christians, Hindus and Muslims are irrational. Why? They appeal to religion.They pray to a God who they haven’t critically thought about. They believe in books blindly, without asking critical questions before arriving at conclusions about these books! Indeed this is irrational and we atheist like bringing this subject up when debating with religious folks. But just because you are rational about religion, this doesn’t make you rational about everything.

Take custom and tradition for instance! How many atheists appeal to custom? Don’t we have atheists who still believe that the woman belongs to the kitchen? Don’t we have atheists who assault their wives, based on custom and tradition? Don’t we have atheists who believe that a woman should be submissive? Or that the woman’s place belong to the kitchen? We have so many irrational atheists. Where is the rationality in all these customs? These atheists have not not critically analysed why they behave this way.

Look at our political landscape. How many atheists vote based on a rational consideration of the politicians, the track record of the politicians for instance? How many will vote for Uhuru or Raila because they have examined their records? Many atheists will vote based on tribal affiliation. Very few will think critically about their politicians.

Irrational behavior is described as any behavior that doesn’t have a rational explanation for it. Such as not liking people with red hair. Or being frightened of mice. There’s no logical explanation for such behavior. Funny, right?  I know of atheists who are very hateful and spiteful of others, for apparently no good reason. Ever heard of someone saying “I hate Kikuyus” or “I hate Luos”? Why would a rational person utter such words and thus lumping an entire tribe to some description?

Atheists boast of being intelligent, but folks let me tell you, atheists are not intelligent in many situations. I have met atheists whose views about drugs and alcohol are quite off-putting. They promote the consumption of drugs that science has proved to be a danger to our health.

In short, not all atheists are rational!


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