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Do atheists hate God? No they Don’t!

angry-atheistPeople have asked me why I hate God so much. Mostly religious folks. Some even think I went through a bad experience, and that’s why I am a ‘militant atheist’. How can someone hate something in which they do not believe?

Whether a person is an atheist who actively denies the existence of any gods or an atheist who simply disbelieves in any gods, it’s not possible for them to simultaneously hate or even be angry at any gods – that would be a contradiction in terms. You can’t hate something in which you don’t believe or which you are certain does not exist. Thus, saying that an atheist hates god is like saying that someone (maybe you?) hates unicorns. If you don’t believe in unicorns, the claim simply doesn’t make any sense.

I think the issue is that some atheists, like myself, do have strong feelings about religious faith and beliefs. We feel we need to bring out those contradictions in the bible, the inconsistencies, the evil that everyone is scared of talking about. Some atheists, for example, may hate the idea of god(s), religion in general, or some religions in particular. Some atheists have had bad experiences with religion either while growing up or when they started to question things. Other atheists may believe that the idea of gods creates problems for humanity, like perhaps encouraging submission to tyrants and divisions in humanity.

It is also possible that people arrive at their atheism have having bad experience with religion – bad enough that they were angry theists for a while before becoming atheists. Just because they were angry theists, though, doesn’t mean that they continued to be angry at an alleged god once they stopped believing. That would be incredibly odd, to say the least.

We don’t hate God. God does not exist. We are just a bit more critical about the proposition that God exists.


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