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What happens after we die?

American astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil De Grasse Tyson was asked about what happens after we die, he gave a deep and moving answer but only if you have an open scientific mind … this is part of what he said …
“When we die just as all biological organisms our bodies decompose and they continue the process of the natural cycle, there are people who chose to be cremated when they die but I wouldn’t want that, I want to buried when my life comes to a biological end, when your body gets burned it releases gaseous energy in the atmosphere, it releases heat and all those rich nutrients you have in your body go to waste, I want to be buried, know why? 

I want my body which is rich in many bio-chemical nutrients to be of use to other biological life forms, I want the worms, centipedes, caterpillars and termites to feed and benefit from the rich nutrient content in my decomposing body, I want the plants the soil to benefit from all the energy and nutrients found in my decomposing body, we are part of these great natural cycle of life and when you die a tree benefits, plants benefit, the soil becomes richer and other biological organisms thrive from feeding off of you”
I like to call these the “POETRY OF SCIENCE” – “THE POETRY OF REALITY”

It was so moving listening to him because I realized that Science humbles you, it makes you modest to the fact that we the homosapien species are just but part of the natural cycle of life made possible by the life sustaining pale blue dot in the vastness of space which we call planet Earth, we are fortunate to experience this one chance to be in touch with consciousness and the breath of life “mother nature” gave you is as a result of the physical and chemical processes that cosmic bodies eg stars that exploded enriching the already formed planets with bio-chemical components that were aided to fruitfully engineer life with the important aid of our closest burning ball of gas or the rounded nuclear reactor we call the sun.
Contrast these with religious beliefs that give man an irredeemable level of arrogance to think that all these is engineered by a self conscious human like entity that has our species as it’s central most interests in all the vastness of the universe and to think that our homo sapien species are guaranteed to continue the process of self consciousness even after biological death is but the biggest scum ever propagated by our species.


One comment on “What happens after we die?

  1. mohamedjiwa
    January 22, 2017

    It requires humility to consider accountability after the earthly life comes to a close. If you are sure that your ethics will stand you in good stead on the day of reckoning then you may pass but, remember, when ½ the people fear that day because they understand their own fallibility they are giving considering the notion of something better than their own material and finite selves, a Consciousness that is higher. So you call that arrogance. So be it.


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