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There is no need for the God hypothesis

The ancients invented gods to account for natural phenomena which they could not explain in any other way – lightening and thunder, volcanos, weather and climatic patterns, floods, plagues, the apparent motions of celestial bodies in the sky, etc. Nowadays, every one of these natural phenomena is understood by science. The general principles of Darwinian evolution account for the great diversity of life on Earth and explain convincingly how complex life forms, including the human species, evolved from more primitive life, and indeed there is increasingly abundant evidence for this. 
Modern cosmology enables us to understand how naturally occurring physical processes lead to the formation of stars and planets like our Earth. There is no need to invoke supernatural explanations for any known phenomena. Physicists now even have plausible theories for the origin of the universe itself. Even though many of the details remain uncertain, the fact that modern science offers possible natural physical explanations of all known phenomena means that God is redundant. The “God of the gaps” is dead!


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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