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The Chosen Few …

heaven2God isn’t powerful enough to save everyone, so only the “chosen few” make it in. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have set the number at 144,000 people, and that’s it. Only Christians get in, and then it’s limited to only “True Christians”. A True Christian is your personal flavor of Christianity and most all other Christians are not really Christians, but are really working for the Devil. Satan seems to have more influence here than God does. Satan is some fallen angle who somehow suckered God way back when and got power. I guess someone stupid enough to believe a death bed conversion can fall for anything, and isn’t very bright. So Satan is misleading all but the chosen few who are True Christians and are going to Heaven.

This creates a dilemma. With all the flavors of Christianity out there, how does a person find the True Christians? I guess you’re supposed to “know it in your heart” but there are a lot of Christians out there who are listening to God speak to their heart and getting a lot of conflicting information. God is having a hard time getting his story consistent it would seem, or, you have Satan out there pretending to be God and if you are fooled, God is going to punish you. Remember, God is one seriously pissed off dude and has no room for error!

So, unlike other religions, like Jews and Bhudists, Christians believe that Gods has chosen them and therefore they are better than everyone. And because of that, they have no respect for anything other than their own limited and narrow perception of the world as their particular flavor of Christianity sees it.


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

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