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Thank you Mr. Attorney General!

I write this to express my gratitude to the Attorney General of Kenya for his actions over the last three days. Egregious as I now think he is, Mr. Muigai has given the Kenyan Atheist community more publicity and airtime than we could have imagined possible. He has done more than anybody else to drive us toward one of our objectives, which is to publicize the existence of atheism and initiate debate on religion, whatever the outcome. He has made it clear to theist and non-theist alike that he is firmly in the pocket of the clergy, and that if the clergy says ‘jump!’, Githu jumps. His foremost allegiance, we now know, is not to his office or the constitution, but to the whims of the masses. For all his haughty legal vocabulary and affected solemnity, the AG is no more than a multitude-pleasing politician who will spit on the constitution when it suits him.

We do not doubt that if this case should work its way to the Supreme Court, its ruling will come in our favor. And so we are even more grateful to the AG for taking on a fight he is sure to lose. Thank you Mr. Muigai for choosing to make a monkey of yourself for our benefit.

Kennedy Karuga (Chief Editor, AIK).


One comment on “Thank you Mr. Attorney General!

  1. m sam
    May 9, 2016

    I like that sarcasm. Githu swung to emotions rather than reason. Don’t these religious fellows see the rot in their religions that is causing blood everywhere in the name of that god they claim to worship!?? They should know we talk from what we’ve been in for years but saw light!!

    Church, Islam.. .. as i know can’t offer answers to world problems. It was laughable to see clergy n Islam leader on NTV try to nail our chair to explain what we believe in if we don’t believe in their god as if it’s natural to believe or we must as they do! Let them know we make or made informed decision. Tolerance to them is Greek but we’re unstoppable n we advocate NO evil. They should remove the log in their eyes!


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