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The Bible is a Huge Mistake!

By Bill Flavell


If God created life on Earth, I think I know how he did it.

He started by making a simple, single-celled creature. His first shot at life were cells that didn’t even have a nucleus but they could utilise external sources of energy and could replicate. God tinkered with these cells for the next two billion years making hundreds of tiny improvements. During this time, one of the important ideas he had was to provide a mechanism for photosynthesis (obtaining energy from sunlight).

Then he had a brainwave. Reproduction would be much more efficient if the genetic material was enclosed in a membrane within the cell–he invented the nucleus.

He tinkered again for over 500 million years. During that time he created many different versions of his creatures but they were all being fundamentally similar. But one innovation would prove critical–he introduced sexual reproduction. This greatly increased diversity which made life more resilient and increased the rate at which life forms changed.

Four hundred million years later, he came up with the idea of combining several single-celled creatures to form one multi-celled creature. This was a very important idea–ultimately it allowed humans to exist. That’s probably why God took 3.3 billion years to figure out how to do it–he didn’t want to make any mistakes.

That innovation 800 million years ago was decisive. And it seemed to give God renewed creative energy. Diversity and complexity accelerated rapidly. He created animals with bi-lateral symmetry, legs, a central nervous system, a spine, a brain, eyes and more. This orgy of creation continued and just over a million years ago he came up with us, homo sapiens.

It all worked out in the end but it was a very inefficient process, probably more than 95% of the species God created were flops and became extinct. The process was a bit like a child with a chemistry set using trial and error to see what useful chemicals he could make.

It’s a pity the Bible didn’t describe the process like this. But it didn’t, it said God made all species in a single day. It’s hard to imagine how it could have been more wrong.

If the Bible had described it as I have, it would have been consistent with the mountain of evidence we’ve uncovered and we would probably all believe God is real by now. Instead, only the young, the undereducated and the delusional believe God is real, the rest of us rely on hard evidence to determine how life evolved.

And that shows the Bible to be a book of fiction and not of fact.


3 comments on “The Bible is a Huge Mistake!

  1. Phabian
    March 9, 2016

    SO the bible’s explanations of life existences is fictional because it doesn’t match your description above? And you believe your above description of how God ‘could have caused life’ is derived from ‘a mountain of evidence’? Yet you begin your explanation by saying ‘i think i know’. SO u think therefore you speak, not that you speak from knowledge. Knowledge derived form evidence as you claim of ‘mountain of evidence’ does not turn again to be an hypothesis or assumption, that is unreasonable syllogistic my friend. But am happy to hear you say, “in the beginning, GOD…..”, even though you did not expound on the ‘God’ whom you think was the first cause of life on earth by “making a simple, single-celled creature”. In other words, you believe life did not evolved from a primordial goo or ape, but was created by a supernatural being, exterior and anterior ‘God’ but your only problem is how bible explains how he did it. Suppose your story herein is made a universals creed by which Atheist abide by in their explanation for ‘Biogenesis’-beginning of life, how fictional or credible is it in the light of the bible Mr Harry?


    • bambi
      March 10, 2016

      This was written by Bill Flavell, ask him, not Harry. Ask him here: , possibly. Improve your observational skills. Also I’m not sure how well you understand things if you think life evolved from ‘ape’. Ape is a hard term to pin down to begin with. If you want to talk about evolution of humans, you want to say ‘primates’ perhaps. Also through ‘goo’, I imagine you’re talking about ‘primordial soup’ hypothesis. It is an element of history of concept in the study of abiogeneses but it is a hypothesis and should be treated as such and other various other models of abiogenesis should be noted and studied by you as well.

      The usage of the words ‘I think’ ‘if’ are great examples denoting postulation which is not actually asserting anything on any one – you are okay to question of course but as far as I know this person is not expecting everyone to believe just his word, the Bible, however, is assertive. I think what we’re getting at here is the Bible talks about Yahweh creating Adam and Eve – that idea has been dead in the water for ages. Humans didn’t just happen like that. The Bible is obviously wrong on this.


  2. Leonard
    March 11, 2016

    In as much as I agree with Harry, I feel that he is too fixed on Christianity and the bible as probably the only or most popular religion whereas he should focus on all religions and mostly the fanatical ones that are to blame for the chaos of understanding we have in humanity. All religions are a waste and a mistake to humanity period. How, when and where they explain what, is most times baseless, the miracles and expectations are non-existent. Their books fictitious and god, as per their books, ridiculous.


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