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International Women’s Day Message


Ladies and Gentlemen,
In November 2014, protesters, including women dressed in miniskirts, demonstrated in the streets of Nairobi to show support for a Kenyan woman who was assaulted and stripped by a mob of men who claimed she was dressed indecently. The incident also sparked the #MyDressMyChoice hashtag on Twitter.

Today the United Nations and the world at large commemorate International Women’s Day. This year’s global theme “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality” is of particular importance.

We would like to dedicate this event to those women who have suffered domestic violence, physical and mental torture, degradation and humiliation for not following medieval and inhumane traditions and practices.

We whole heartedly support the struggle of women and all libertarians in Kenya against all sorts of discrimination, violence and brutality, and share their pains and their gains. We share their aspiration for wiping out all anti-women laws, customs and practices.

Backward and anti-women traditions and values are still being forced on women from most communities in Kenya. Women are still slaves of culture and tradition in Kenya.Despite all these gloomy developments, women still continue to fight back.

Kenyans have no choice but to challenge the current situation and demand full and equal rights for women. AIK will fight for every minor improvement in the lives of women. Women deserve a better life and decent living conditions.

The new Kenyan Constitution gives a very critical treatment to gender. It seeks to repudiate the historical exclusion of women from the mainstream society. It strikes at the socio-legal barriers that Kenyan women have faced over history. Compared with the old constitutional order, the new legal framework not only creates space for women to manoeuvre their way in the private and public sphere on an equal footing with men, but also institutionalizes direct genders specific measures that seek to correct the consequences of women’s historical exclusion from the society. Such measures include affirmative action. Through affirmative action, the new constitution seeks to elevate women to a pedestal that has hitherto been the preserve of men.

To the Kenyan parents, let’s make sure that we treat our sons and daughters equally and welcome the modern aspects of education system for children. And as men within a family let’s treat our spouses as equal partners and avoid domestic violence and mistreatment. 

I will like to finish with a positive note that AIK seeks to build on advances and rights gained in this country by educating members of our communities, especially the youth; by advocating the basic and fundamental individual and civil rights and strive to build a more just and equal society.  In the absence of such an outlook the younger generation will be vulnerable in the face of ideologies that offer them false hopes of better life. It’s our responsibility to help them to be good citizens and lead a positive and fulfilling life.

Thank you.
President,  AIK


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