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Should Atheists in Kenya be registered as a Society?

Today morning on the President of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia went on radio to discuss the Registrar of Societies decision not to register the association.

Kenyans listening to this show responded, most of them being theists, a few atheists and agnostics here and there. Almost everyone agreed with the registrar that Atheists in Kenya should not be registered. Why? Because Kenya is a religious society and we believe in God, furthermore, the preamble to our constitution affirms our belief in God and so does our National anthem.

Listening to the show, a couple of thoughts occurred to me. First, the theists specifically the Christians were deemed to be talking from a point of authority whereas the atheists were deemed to be misguided idiots.

Second, Harry was accused of just wanting to register a society to obtain funding from donors.

Third, the hosts mostly agreed with the theists and spent a lot of time cackling at what they believed were words of wisdom from largely eloquent callers, most of whom called in to deride Harry’s point of view.

Fourth, most people assume that atheists have not read the bible and are therefore speaking from a point of ignorance, forgetting that most Kenyans are immersed in whatever religion their parents subscribe to almost from conception.

Lastly, from what I saw on twitter, Christian charity was most certainly not evident as they poured all the vitriol in their hearts out towards Harry as expected.

This reaction, while not unexpected, still somehow manages to surprise me. To many people, it is not okay to not believe in deities (or God). I cannot understand why the fact that some people do not believe in religious deities causes such a violent and vitriolic reaction from theists (In this case most of them were Christians).

Harry raised a valid point that many chose to ignore, which was that he does not believe in ANY Gods, in the same manner that Christians do not believe in the Hindu Gods and Pagans don’t believe in either the Christian, Muslim or Hindu Gods. It really is that simple. Your God isn’t the only God out there, there are other Gods whose believers assume are the one (or two) true God. A quick look at will give you a list of the sheer number of Gods that people have believed in at one point in time or the other. It will also serve to remind you that you and your religion are not that special outside of the privilege that you have allocated yourselves.

One person actually stated that those who say they read the bible and still concluded that there is no God are misguided and the only conclusion one can draw from reading the bible is that there is a God. Any research into the origins of the bible will show that what most people read today as the divine word of God was decided by committee. How one can take a book that has been translated, retranslated, edited and basically cannot even be agreed on, as the origin of the rules by which they live their lives is amazing and kind of pathetic.

If I wanted people to behave in a certain way as a person (or deity) in authority, I would provide clear and explicit instructions that would leave no doubt as to what my requirements were. Adherence to these instructions would be rewarded and failure to adhere would lead to clear punishment. The Bible has proven time and again not to be that book of instruction as no two people who read it come to the same conclusion. The HR manual in my office is more clear and concise.

I am not a fundamentalist, in fact you will find that most atheists are not fundamentalists. People are free to believe in whatever or whomever they want be it Ra or the Flying Spaghetti Monster (May the sauce be upon him). No one can deny any Kenyan the right to believe in their God(s). What theists don’t understand is that they cannot demand that other people must believe in something, to the extent that they would deny a fellow human being their rights because they choose not to believe in the same deity that you do. You would have to be extremely arrogant and ignorant to make such a demand especially where it concerns a matter as subjective as religion. How different would you be from Adolf Hitler who believed in the superiority of the Aryan race and racial purity?

The constitution of Kenya grants every Kenyan the right to form an association and cannot discriminate on the basis of conscience and belief. These two rights can be found in Article 27 (4) and 36 (1). The wording is clear and explicit and the Registrar of Societies needs to provide an actual logical reason as to why she won’t register the society as the current reason can only be described as idiotic.



6 comments on “Should Atheists in Kenya be registered as a Society?

  1. Andrew
    February 5, 2016

    As a fellow pastafarian in the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (May the sauce be upon him), I fully agree that the law must be upheld. AT ALL COSTS. Given that the rights of atheists (and by extension, theists) are being trampled upon by the registrar of societies. As a purely legal matter, the registrar of societies is in breach.


    • Cynthia Quetzalcoatl
      February 5, 2016



  2. Harry
    February 5, 2016

    Am impressed! Thanks Cynthia!


  3. Maingi
    February 5, 2016

    I do not agree with Harrison on most things. I do not agree with a lot of what he says in this particular post. But I think we share common grounds albeit for different reasons.
    I am a Christian. These days it may well help to clarify that I am born again and I believe and preach that there is life after death, a heaven and a hell.
    But I believe that God has created us in his image and gives us the right to accept or reject him. No government should take away that right, in fact no government can do so. It has no jurisdiction over the matter.
    All systems of belief about ultimate reality, and this includes atheism, come with the explicit or implicit presupposition that their position is correct and all others are wrong either in whole or in part. One of the distinctives of Christianity is its express pronouncement that Jesus Christ is ” the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father but by me”. This is what Archbishop William Carey has referred to as “the scandal of particularity ”
    From a Christian perspective therefore all who do not believe in Christ and his atoning death are lost and in need of a savior. This would include atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Muslims etc. Christ died for all of them, all they must is believe.
    The Christian prays for the unbeliever, he does all he can to ” convince” them to change. But he accepts that they are free not to believe
    I do not believe that registering a society of atheists would compromise social order any more than the registration of other faiths, it is just one more.
    The real question is what is true and what is false. The government cannot determine this. It must restrict it’s mandate to maintaining social order.


  4. Opiyo Muga
    February 5, 2016

    Excellent piece

    On Friday, February 5, 2016, Atheists In Kenya (AIK) wrote:

    > Cynthia Quetzalcoatl posted: “Today morning on the President of Atheists > in Kenya, Harrison Mumia went on radio to discuss the Registrar of > Societies decision not to register the association. Kenyans listening to > this show responded, most of them being theists, a few atheists and agn” >


  5. Kiki
    August 29, 2016

    wow @Maingi! thanks so much. I think you put that idea very relevantly. One cannot be forced to enter God’s kingdom


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