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How is religion Trickery and Cheating?

imageReligion perpetrators typically claim that their adherents will be granted an everlasting life-after-death. They claim that this life-after-death will be far better than life itself. The catch, however, is that the adherent must accept without questioning what the religion’s perpetrators behold as true–and the adherents must comply in a manner according to the teachings of the religion’s perpetrators. Religion perpetrators typically claim that a God is responsible for the adherents very being and the creation of everything. And they claim that this God is aware of everything that is going on including the actions of the adherents. Compliance of the religion’s commandments usually entails that the adherents give a portion of their earnings to support the perpetrators and their infrastructure. Compliance also involves participating in perpetrating the religion further. Compliance also entails dedication of much time for prayer and learning more about the religion and its teachings.

To appear convincing, the religion’s teachings consist of many truisms and common sense rules and practices for successful living in a social environment–one should not steal from others, or cause pain to others, etc.

Religion perpetrators threaten their adherents by telling them that they will be punished by God for non-compliance with their religion’s principles. They claim that after death, their god will send them to a place where they will be a slave to a devil, be tortured, burned, and the like.

In summary, the religion perpetrators make claims which they cannot substantiate with reason that is recognized in law courts; they use psychological mind control techniques on adherents during childhood; and they benefit from their efforts by taking a portion of the adherent’s wealth and coercing adherents with threats to further build their racket.


3 comments on “How is religion Trickery and Cheating?

  1. gigoid
    January 21, 2016

    Well-organized, simple, and clearly stated. Good job, as far as it goes.

    The issue is much deeper than this simple statement, having less to do with religion itself as it does to human nature, and Man’s inability to either connect with, or understand that nature… Thus, out of fear, they turn to anyone who seems to have an answer…. because it is easier than thinking for themselves…

    The problem is not in religion itself, which is, as noted, an illusion based on unprovable assumptions. The problem is in our nature, as being unwilling to face our fear, to learn what we don’t understand, which requires courage, and mindfulness; this ‘laziness’, based on fear, is, in turn,taken advantage of by the inhuman predators among us, who have no compunction against using illusions, and lies based on those illusions, to control others….

    gigoid, the dubious


    January 25, 2016

    I think u know the trueth but don’t want to accept it. It is fact that this religion u r against has brought a lot of peace; for people fear God. How u prove that there is no God? I can prove that there is God 1. For every machine u use has a manufacturer, how about man, the animals, plants etc, who created them? Definitely some manufacturer “God”.tell me that they evolved then give example of a car that has evolved n became a lorry! You don’t want God Coz u want life without rules! Where u sleep with a person of the same sex n say u where born li ke that! I wander why there r no animals living together, or birds or trees or for that machines! Oh may b you don’t understand! Parts of any machine r either female or male n no point a female can be used with another female! So coz u want no rules u say there n creator! Let’s say that there is no God n as a believer I die n find that is no God, I lose nothing!! But how about the non believer you die n find that is God! You lose all!! Why is that pple have to take an insurance cover? Its for the future cover! But for those withiout the cover, they will b arrested n jailed! The same will b done to those have not accepted God. What a shame n pity on that day!


    • Leonard
      March 13, 2016

      I pity you for waiting for a day that will never be. You only give in to religion, xtianity, out of fear for repercussions the bible tells you about. I will not lose anything if I find god is there (I know he won’t ever be), but if he is, then he is to blame for giving me a thinking brain which I used to analyse and deduce he is not there. Please use your thinking capacities to see the facts about god and see that they are man-made and man-like. Medieval men used to like blood and sacrifices, ahh! so does your god. Man likes to go to war and fights opposition, ahh! so does your god who directs you kill anyone against his being and ‘rules’. Since time immemorial, man has myths about afterlife and had fear of fire, ahh! so does your god and bible about life after death and hell. Just wake up.


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