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Goverment Must Regulate Religion!

kanyariThe Government of Kenya has come up with rules that among other things, ban “seed preaching”. Other aspects of the regulations that have been gazetted by the Attorney General include a requirement that clerics submit certificates of good conduct and their theological training certificates. I want to comment the Government of Kenya for coming up with these regulations and I am in total support of what the Government is doing.

As expected, this has generated a lot of discussion on Social Media, and Kenya in general, and we have those who feel that the Government is infringing upon the rights of religious folks. Let me remind those who feel that what the Kenyan government has done is wrong, that freedoms come with responsibilities. When you are accorded a right, you must use the right for the greater good. Not to con gullible Kenyans.

It is the role of the Government, any sensible government, to protect its citizens against any kind fraud, be it fraud based on faith, miracles or God, that may lead to loss of money. For a long time Kenyans have had the impression that matters to do with religion are sacred and should not be questioned. Religion must be questioned. Faith healers must be questioned. Seed preachers must be questioned. There is nothing so unique about religion. In fact, there is everything wrong about religion.

There are those who argue that these rules are infringing on freedom of religion. That the so called “seed preachers” like Kanyari should do whatever they want, and we as Kenyans should allow them to do whatever they want. That Kenyans should be robbed by anyone, so long as they are persuaded to part with their hard earned money. I reject this kind of thinking.

The vulnerable Kenyan, the one who has no job, must not be further plunged into poverty by borrowing money to give Pastor Kanyari. The sick patient, who can hardly pay for his medical fees, should not come on TV and told that healing will happen if he pays some cash via MPESA. Mass media should be regulated, as it is a form of media that reached a wide audience, and if you read the agenda setting theory, you may understand how dangerous mass media can be. CA is helping so many Kenyans with this ban, and I fully support it. But, I must say that i do not have a problem with some stupid guy giving his 10% to a church of his choice. Or looking to be healed by going to some crusade somewhere. But mass media should be regulated. MASS MEDIA MUST BE REGULATED. WE MUST BAN SEED PREACHING ON MASS MEDIA.


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