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Top 10 Logical Used By Religion


For those who don’t know, A logical fallacy is a flawed pattern of re Fallacies asoning. Something which the religious are professionals at.

I’m going to list ten logical fallacies used by the religious in arguments. I’ll also post their meaning and an example of what the fallacy may look like when used in an argument. I’m sure most of you free-thinkers will recognise many of these from past discussions with religious people.

■#1. Argumentum ad ignorantium – Fallacy that something must be true because it has not been, Or can’t be, proven false.
If you can’t prove that god doesn’t exist, That means he must exist.

■#2. Argumentum ad misericordia – Appealing to pity.
Why are you so intent on destroying something that makes so many sick children happy!

■#3. Argumentum ad nauseum – Fallacy that something is likely to be true the more often it is said.
God exists, How many times do i have to tell you?

■#4. Argumentum ad novitatem – Fallacy that something is right because it’s new.
Of course Islam is the true religion, Mohammad is the most recent prophet.

■#5. Argumentum ad populum – Fallacy that something is correct based on the amount of people who believe it.
Look how many people believe in Jesus, They can’t all be wrong.

■#6. Bifurcation – Fallacy of presenting a situation as having only two answers.
Evolution is wrong, So that means creationism is right.

■#7. Circular Logic – The premise that what you are trying to prove is evidence of it’s self.
The bible is the word of god because it says it is, And it can’t be wrong, because after all, It is the word of god.

■#8. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc – Fallacy of asserting that events occurring simultaneously must be causally related.
With all these natural disasters happening how can you deny that god isn’t punishing us?

■#9. Plurium interrogationum – Fallacy of demanding a simplistic answer to a complex question.
If god didn’t create the universe then explain what did.

■#10. Slippery slope fallacy – Fallacy that one event will inevitably lead to harmful consequences.
If we let gays get married it will be the end of family values.


One comment on “Top 10 Logical Used By Religion

  1. Isaac Makumba
    January 4, 2016

    Obviously the existence of an interventionsist god, a designer of universes who is certainly not interested in human affairs is beyond dispute. But there has to be something, the source of everything. Otherwise its compelling to conclude that the universe has no point which is somewhat irrational and controversial, I suppose.


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