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Who Really Is Arrogant?

By Bill Flavell


Honestly, I am astounded when believers tell me atheists are arrogant.
Here’s the thing, believers can hardly help but be arrogant. It’s the nature of the beast.
To believe in a god, you have to be sure your god is real (despite there being no evidence that it is so) and, for most believers, that entails being equally sure that billions of other people who believe in other gods are terribly wrong.
Actually, it’s worse than that. Most believers subscribe to a religion and they have to believe their religion is true which means other religions are false—even if they worship the same god. Look at Judaism. Christianity and Islam for an example of that.
Let’s not stop there. Religions have denominations and, again, the believer has to be sure his denomination is true and all the others are false. Just look at the murderous internecine warfare between the Shia and Sunni denominations of Islam to see how strongly denominational beliefs can be held.
All major religions have denominations; Christianity has thousands.
So atheists are the arrogant ones despite the arrogance of the believer, being sure his god is real, his religion is true and his denomination is the correct one and all without a shred of evidence.
The atheist says, he cannot be sure God exists because there are no valid arguments and no evidence to substantiate the claim. So the atheist will not believe God exists until good evidence is found. This is not arrogance—it is humility. It is being prepared to say, “I don’t know”.
And it is rational…


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