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Paris: Why Theology is the Plague of Mankind

By Elie ~ November 15, 2015

Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. So who is to blame? Is it Islam?

My thoughts? Yes, it is Islam. It is Islam, and it is Christianity, and Judaism, and Hinduism, and Wiccans, and Celtic and Asian polytheism……and ETC ETC ETC ETC. It is every form of organized and institutionalized religion, with a fancy cloak and a funny hat to go with it. It is the only thing that makes you leave your own senses and believe, beyond all ratonality, something a human being like you wrote on paper thousands of years ago. Religion has stupefied humanity and it has messed up our basic spirituality. Religion is the height of human ignorance and greed and fear. I will never tire of saying it. We need to move away from religion. It’s about time.

We need to take our fate off the hands of deities. We need to stop attributing our failures to these collectively imagined deities. It is the only thing that will allow people to start thinking again. Let our morality be judged on its own merit. If you want to believe in a myth, by all means do it, but do it in the privacy of your own mind. Why should what you believe affect me anyway? Why coerce me (yes through force, deception, threats and blindfolding) ? What kind of God do you worship that tells you it’s okay, depending on what chapter you read off your own list of rules, for you to kill anyone who does not share your opinion about something nobody has any idea about?

Society has this frustrating habit of dehumanizing divergence. Society will always try (thank God it sometimes fails) to oust out anyone who resists popularized ideology. And what a bigger cancer to this kind of society than religion! It is the root of discrimination and hate and senseless violence.

Christians you need to read (yes read!) your history too, you started all these massacres with your Crusades. Any Christian who knows about the Holy Inquisitions should feel ashamed of themselves for believing in anything capable of such horror. Christians have absolutely no right to castigate Islam.

As for prayers, Praying for Paris will NOT help, it will make it worse. Praying for Beirut and Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and Kenya and Nigeria and countless other places where we’re making war will not work! Only one thing will work and it’s the only thing nobody is willing to do. And that is a radical change in the way we think.

As humans, we have let our history be defined by war! It is as if we cannot get rid of this bloodlust in our genes.  We have found cures for diseases. We have explored our whole planet, settled on every continent. We know what’s in the deepest parts of our oceans. We have our footprint on the moon. Everyone knows we are heading for Mars. We have evolved beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors, and every other species that has walked this planet. Aggression (hate, violence, killing) is the only thing we have utterly refused to evolve away from. All because we cannot let go of old ideology that has proven itself to be the very rot of society. Sure, religion had an important role in creating order for society. It had a time and place where it was functional. But so did the Hammurabi Code of Ancient Mesopotamia. Both of which are now outdated and dysfunctional. We need to have the space where ideas get old and are replaced by others.

Where opinion is adjustable and not this rigid, immutable infrastructure we have created. Theistic religion needs to go extinct.
But why blame Islam for these terror attacks? Because Islam has stood aside and let terrorists kill in its name, an inaction that is both selfish and self-serving. There needs to be a clear line because right now, the whole world just doesn’t see it.

No matter how politically correct we try to be. And nobody can define that line better that Islam itself. Islam needs to answer the questions on everybody else’s mind, and speak out on what exactly it stands for. Because let us be real, right now it has a lot of problems.
We all know that Western nations aren’t the good saints they pretend to be. Yes they are greedy, and manipulative, and arrogant. Yes, even the Western form of democracy is not everything it is cut out to be. And we also know all this violence is partly political. But that is the thing with modern religion. It is so tied up in politics we can no longer tell the two apart. Spiritualism left us the moment we institutionalized and politicized (irrational) belief.

Let us stop kidding ourselves, modern religion does not take us closer to getting us the answers we are seeking as humanity. Religion has not helped us understand the paradox of life and the afterlife any better. Religion has not enlightened us on the origin and purpose (if any) of the Universe and everything in it. The theories religion gives on our fate as humans are as full of holes as the contorted lies and half-truths i most ‘holy’books. Religion has not ensured us about anything, it has confused us. We are supposed to believe what we cannot see without questioning. Questions get you killed, either from a fellow human or a defensive deity. It is the ultimate lie. And now, because of this, gone are the days when Islam was the actual frontier of astronomy, and pharmacy and mathematics, of discovery and innovation. But there is a name for all of that: Science!

Let us do a brief reality check. Prayer didn’t discover penicillin, science did. Faith did not discover electricity, science did. The bible will not take us to Mars, science will. Religion did not invent the telephone, or cars, or radar, or the X-ray, or the atom smasher. Every beautiful thing we have achieved as a species came from Science, or, to rephrase that, the desire to move beyond current schools of thought and measure our understanding on purely on Reason. By merit, science holds more answers than religion. Schools breed more solutions that churches. Allow people the freedom of thought and they will always stumble on something worthwhile. Inquisition is the mother of discovery. The current forms of religious ideology that we have are a vice to this virtue. They are everything that is holding us back.

So, what now? After we get rid of religion then what? If ideas need to be replaced with newer ideas then what will work? What am I suggesting right? Is that what you’re thinking..? How about Empathy! How about about defining others first and foremost as humans before defining them by religion, or by race, or by political affiliation, or by gender, or by their sexual orientation? How about compassion? How about denying our ego? How about forgiveness, and tolerance, and peace? How about kindness? How about realizing that we are just one and the same thing….human. And how about doing all that individually without separating ourselves into sects and institutions?


5 comments on “Paris: Why Theology is the Plague of Mankind

  1. Leonard
    November 16, 2015

    As much as all these is factual, logical, comforting and reassuring, it is mostly JUST VERY TRUE.


  2. Opiyo Muga
    November 16, 2015

    Excellent piece with wrong title. Theology is not religion. Religion is bad but theology is good and I think you are also doing theology albeit freelancer. Theology opened my brains and eyes and I ended up an atheist. Many atheists are theologians. Theology should replace religious education in schools and you will see many becoming atheists.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wacha Wizi
    November 16, 2015

    THIS IS A PLAGIARIZED POST. Why didn’t you quote as the source?

    For any one in doubt, just look at the time stamps, this article was posted a day after the original.

    Stop trying to sell other people’s work as your own!


  4. CK Juma
    November 16, 2015

    Your script convinces me that you are in need of a saviour. And Jesus is my referral to you. Sometimes be first consulting both your spirit and mind. Your reliance on mortal brains is deadly.


  5. Mike
    November 17, 2015

    “Abraham” really messed us up


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