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Christianity Simply Doesn’t Make Sense!


By Ayesha Buckeridge

We have been lied to we have been severely lied to. Religion is the most corrupt thing that has ever happened to us. I am watching the story of Moses and what a load of crap. If your religion making you you weak your God by default is weak I am so sick tired of the poor excuse of a God that we serve. Im sick and tired of people making excuse after excuse for this pathetic being we’ve been given. How weak are we that we sit idly by and watch the destruction of humanity and all we do is wait. Wait for what?

There’s nothing more docile and pathetic than waiting for something that isn’t coming. I saw that pathetic ass movie Moses so you mean to tell me that your god is weaker than Egyptians. He sent a “deliverer” than himself? We’re created in his image but not his strength and courage? That wasn’t inherited? No wonder he’s losing the grip of the people he’s a hypocrite. Say one thing do another. He loves weakness. He’s weak. Well this new christiandom is weak. We went from killing everything that moved to now weak as fuck? Why the transition?Did your god have a change in heart? How they went from vile to victim? That story bothered me to no end.

The worst part was the ten commandment. How did you fix yourself to write down in stone thou shalt not do this thou shalt not do that to offend a god but you allowed people to get whipped and died by building so called statutes that was pagan? Shouldn’t those people be punished? Why didn’t you intervene then? Why didn’t you unleash your anger on those wh made your people into slaves?why give commandments when you’re not going to do NOTHING to protect those who wish to follow those bloody rules. Once again you’re on you’re own.


2 comments on “Christianity Simply Doesn’t Make Sense!

  1. Carlos Cabanita
    November 4, 2015

    Jehovah in that story behaves as a dumb and evil god. He could have scared the Pharaoh into letting the Jews go, but he chose to unleash the plagues and kill every Egyptian firstborn. Today he would correctly be called a mass murderer.
    But the best part is that it never happened. Most good historians and archeologists in Israel and elsewhere have long concluded that the Exodus did not take place.
    The Egyptians and other powers kept good records of their history and they show nothing of the kind. No archeological vestiges, either. Most other events told in the Bible are shown to be just legends as well.


  2. mwelusi
    November 27, 2015

    Why do most atheists only attack christianity? Is christianity the only religion in this world or is it the cheapest way to gain recognition (fame) by courtin controversy. Looking forward to hear your critic against the buddhist,hinduism,ISLAM or VOODOISM,DEVIL WORSHIP(Church of satan,Free mason) please AM WAITING


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