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My reflections, one week before out meeting ….


Mumia and Brenda at Family TV.

Just one week before our Atheists In Kenya (AIK) meeting on the 26th September, 2015 at Metro Hotel, Koinange St., I reflect back and get amazed at how in life, a combination of focus, courage, luck and determination, a vision and resilience can make anyone achieve any goal. Atheists In Kenya, started about three years ago by five brave individuals, is currently the most vibrant atheist movement in Kenya, with a registered membership of 41 drawn from all walks of life. We have six ladies, two of whom are in the executive. Obviously, you can see that our leadership is gender sensitive, in line with our constitution. We have three WhatsApp groups, one of which is only for the registered members. By the way, please send your request to join our WhatsApp group – +254 717 110066. Registration is only KShs. 500. I never thought people would pay to become members of AIK, but hey, its happening. We have had an impact in Kenya, albeit minimal. We have participated in TV Shows, Radio Shows, we have written for the media, we have triggered public debate on religious education, we are now registering as a Society. We have a constitution, and seven clear objectives. This is an achievemnt. I consider this a feat worth celebrating. The members are so committed to AIK, that they literary donate to fund our activities. We are growing. We shall have an impact in Kenya as we move on. I want to thank all the members of AIK for being members of AIK. For deciding to write history in Kenya. For committing to the secular agenda of the progressive societies of the world. I want to thank all those who support us online, both from Kenya and abroad. Finally, I want to encourage you to join AIK, to become a part of this progressive movement. There is no going back for AIK. Thank you!

~ President, AIK


3 comments on “My reflections, one week before out meeting ….

  1. Leonard
    September 19, 2015

    Kudos! Keep it going.


  2. Faith Wambura
    September 25, 2015

    you need Jesus


  3. eqechoes
    September 26, 2015

    Nice. Every step counts toward the greater goal, Keep walking Harry!


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Atheists In Kenya (AIK)

Bringing together non-believers

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