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Why do we need community, as Atheists?

I have been often told that Atheists do not need an organization like Christians and Muslims, that we do not need to have regular meetings lest we become as much a religion as religious folks. And I hear it echoed so often that I wanted to formally address it here.

Why do we need community, as atheists? Why would we mirror the hideous gatherings of the religious folks?

The answer is simple: Human beings are relational creatures.

The church doesn’t have a monopoly on community. The church didn’t invent community. It just happens to do community really, really well.

Gathering to share common interests and pursue common goals isn’t the sole domain or proprietary property of religion, and by eschewing opportunities to join together for fear of looking “religious,” I fear we’ve surrendered ground to the church that doesn’t belong to the church.

Community is a human experience, not a religious one.


If community isn’t your thing personally, that’s more than fine. But many of us thrive on the connection we have with others. We enjoy relating, sharing, being challenged and drawing encouragement. We benefit from coming together as friends, and in a sense, being a family.

There’s also the fact that an atheist movement is stronger with numbers. A single solder tossing stones against the religious castle wall will usually accomplish very little. An army of like-minded, focused soldiers working together can crush the barriers and win the day.


2 comments on “Why do we need community, as Atheists?

  1. Faizal Modhili
    September 5, 2015

    Hello Harry,
    I have been following you. I think a lot like you, and am not new to rational thinking. However, I’ve been alive for some years now and am wondering whether AK has some of these excluding/discriminatory cliché about age?


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