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Women, Tradition and Religion!

women-oppressionThis is what I think about women, marriage and the African culture and society. I think most African women, because of traditions and religion, have been subjugated, suppressed and sidelined for a long time. Most African women are slaves. Even the so called corporate females. They don’t rise to their potential. Because of two things. Tradition and religion. Two huge problems. Let me explain.

For a long time, traditions and religion have impacted negatively on African women, and placed them at the mercy of societies expectations. Society has made marriage an achievement, and single-hood is seen as a problem for the woman. A woman who is not married, in traditional African Society was considered a taboo. Unfit. She had a problem. A woman who could not bear children was considered a taboo to the society. The main reason why one was born a woman, the only valid reason, was to get a husband and get children.

You finish school so that you get married and start a family. Sadly, this seems to still be the way most African Societies regard women. Even women themselves regard each other in this backward terms. I find it sad that a woman would judge herself based on whether she can bear children, or get a husband. This is subjugation. But you cannot remove religion from this view. For, in religion, the family is at the centre of everything. Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. So it is believed that it is god who introduced marriage to the world. Single women are looked down upon. This is wrong! Even in terms of roles, women are expected to cook, and perform some so called women roles. According to who? In fact in some societies, they are judged by how well they an cook. I do not think a woman should be reduced to cooking and taking care of a fellow human.

This kills the potential of the woman. When will this woman pursue her education, art, talent, become the next CEO if you reduce her to a cook, if she reduces herself to a cook? When? The bible says the woman is the so called neck. Again, this is veiled subjugation. I am not saying that women should not get married. But life is not all about meeting biblical expectations, as well as traditional expectations. Women should rise above religion and tradition in order to rise to their full potential.

President, AIK


One comment on “Women, Tradition and Religion!

  1. Phabian Puul
    August 27, 2015

    Please for the sake of reasonability and truthfulness, would you just give at least two examples in the New Testament Bible where women are reduced to utter nothingness-oppressed, subjugated and looked down upon if not married as you herein allege. Why dont you present your logics in a way that can tax someone’s credulity rather than phantasmagorical arguments fulll of prejudice and unnecessary religious bigotry Mr President.


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