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Many Have Prayed for Me!

prayerMore than 1,000 Christians have prayed for me. They haven’t prayed that I should be happy and healthy (one even prayed that I should lose the use of my legs), they have prayed that God should reveal himself to me and that I should become a believer.

Well, that is 1,000 failed prayers right there. But it got me thinking. I’m not the only atheist being prayed for. Millions of atheists must be the subject of similar prayers. In fact, God must have heard billions of such prayers.

So how has God answered this torrent of earnest prayers? He hasn’t. I’m still an atheist and the rate of conversions from atheist back to Christian/ Islam is very low indeed. Furthermore, the rate of Christians/ Muslims converting to atheism is growing.

What does this mean? Either God prefers atheists to Christians or he doesn’t answer prayers or he doesn’t exist.

It’s interesting, those prayers have actually become evidence confirming atheism is correct.


2 comments on “Many Have Prayed for Me!

  1. Phabian Puul
    August 25, 2015

    God never overrides one’s freedom of choice. He does not act against individuals moral choice. Prayers works well with penitent hearts, a heart willing and ready to obey and know true God. However much prayer may be offered on your behalf, it has no effect on unminding heart of an atheist.
    Instead of prayer, i think atheist need to be lectured on God logically, reasonable and pyilosophically and be convinced that the Bible God do exists, simple


  2. Leonard
    August 25, 2015

    I also wonder how prayers either are not replied all together or take too long to get answered, the more often is not getting replied. And when it is ‘replied’, its only that things took the nature way to happen rather than a god doing something. We all ought to outlive the culture of being mini minded, to assume there is some being overlooking our lives and waiting for our prayers.


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