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Life is possible without god!

》》By Bill Flavell

I am bemused when Christians say they would be nothing without God, or even, that they could not live without God.

They surely overlook the fact that there are 1.1 billion people in the world who live without a god of any kind. This alone demonstrates that living without a god is possible. But it shows something more important.

We can surmise that many of the 1.1 billion unbelievers grew up as god-believers and later discarded their god-beliefs. That gives them something that few believers have–the experience of living both with and without gods.
So we know a large number of people not only live without gods but they PREFER to live without gods. They have tried both and have made their choice.

I am reminded that my mother often told me she despised yoghurt even though she admitted she had never tried it–she thought it looked horrible. Several times I asked her to try it but she doggedly refused. One day, I concealed yoghurt in a fruit dessert and watched anxiously as she eat it. She finished it and then asked for more.

Whilst millions of people say their lives are so much better without the god-superstition, Christians insist their lives would be empty. The truth is they will never know, until they try.


One comment on “Life is possible without god!

  1. Opiyo Muga
    August 11, 2015

    A good one


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