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Think about Luanda Magere, then Jesus!

A story is told about a legendary Luo warrior called Luanda Magere. His body was made of rock. He fought many battles for the Luo people against the Nandi and won.

It is said that when he died his body turned into a rock, after a battle in which his wife betrayed him by revealing the secret of his immense powers to the Nandi warriors.

The secret : ~ `His shadow was indeed flesh`.

Now, if a book was written asking us to worship Luanda Magere, pray and fast in his name, celebrate his death each year on 25th December, if we built churches to worship Luanda Magere, if we paid tithe 10% as instructed in the book, if schools taught his story as fact, that we shall go to heaven only by believing in him, my question to you is wouldn’t you find it a bit CRAZY?

If we sang songs of praise to Luanda Magere, wouldn’t you try find a way of challenging the credibility of this story? Just to get folks back to their senses? 

Now replace Luanda Magere with Jesus Christ. Thanks!


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