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Is god hiding?

hidingGod could have caused much more compelling miracles that would have been believable to a much wider range of people and far more impressive. God could have made the evidence for his existence, say in the details of nature, vastly more obvious than he did. If God wanted to, he could have made his existence obvious and manifest to everyone. If God had chosen to do so, he could have left compelling evidence that life came from him, not from evolution, and that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago. If God had chosen to, he could have created the world so that humans, allegedly his chosen, favored beings in the universe, were of obvious central importance in the cosmos. If God had chosen to, he could have had Jesus appear and provide much more evidence to people who were not his fanatical followers. If God wanted to, he could have caused the Big Bang and made it obvious that he was the cause. If God wanted to, he could have made it easier for us to discover the cure for polio, or for cancer, or for bubonic plague.

If he exists, he certainly has the capacity to make his existence known. Mere humans are able to manifest themselves far more obviously. He would know how to make his existence known. He would have perfect knowledge of the most effective means of revealing himself. Even the most impressive alleged cases of God’s presence in the world are utterly trivial against the scale of what a supernatural being with God’s extraordinary powers could have brought about. In all of the questioning, exploring, pleading, and seeking that billions of people have engaged in for centuries, he has refused to respond in any unequivocal ways. In every instance where someone claims to have contact with God, we can easily think of vastly more effective and unmistakable evidence that such a powerful being could have transmitted if he had chosen to.

But instead, if we are to believe that God exists and that he is the creator of the universe, then we must accept that a loving, powerful, caring God who wants us to believe in his existence set up the entire universe to look exactly as it would if there were no God. He deliberately obscured or hid every bit of information that might have made it possible for people to come to believe in his existence in a reasonable, sensible manner. Instead he devised a set of natural laws, a course of natural events, and a process of natural selection that when taken together render need for God as an explanation completely pointless.

God, if he exists, is hiding so effectively that the world looks just as we would expect it to if there were no God; it doesn’t have any of the features we would expect to find if there were a God. All of our attempts to confirm his existence have come up empty handed. God is hiding so effectively that even by their own admission, the vast majority of believers admit that in order to believe they must do it by ignoring the contrary evidence and having faith. He is hiding so effectively, we must conclude, among other things, that he does not want us to believe. If he wanted us to believe, things would be different in a thousand obvious ways.


2 comments on “Is god hiding?

  1. John
    June 8, 2015

    In my own understanding God is more of a Freethinker than a religionist meaning that he is more secular than religious. He is both natural and unnatural meaning that he is heterosexual and also gay. Philosophically, I deem him to exist on a bi-polar basis, the master of good and evil. Indeed who else can create the ruling class and those to be governed just to spice his extremely sick psychotic ego as he experiences a mojo. Indeed he is the High Priest, The Senior Pastor, the Head of all form of worshiping of all deities. Indeed Ephesians 3:11 say that he does what he wills; in the sense that he experiences an ejaculation excepting retrogressive and repressive orders against the human nature to gratify hie extremely sick personality,


  2. John Kinyanjui
    June 10, 2015

    Hi Harrison, and all,

    Great article you have here, among others you have made in the past. And atleast on this forum one can post to you replies and comments.

    You are indeed right this time, that God is hiding so effectively that to find him one requires to search with zeal, else he will not be found. Why? Because its the glory of God to conceal matters, and indeed himself so as only those who search diligently can ever discover truth. Truth is so precious that it has to be hidden from the common lot and scorners, that they may not have opportunity to mess it up. That’s why most of the stuff that describe truth, and its author, God, is presented in parable forms, so that only those who humbly seek understanding ever attain to its meaning.

    You have stated that if God created the world, and all those things its said he did, he should have left on it an insignia which for generations there after would testate to his works.

    Well, that’s exactly what God did. Its called the alpha rogito. The foremost set of evidence as to that the universe was created, and hence the existence of a creator. What do you see in the night sky above? Arrangement s of numerous stars and heavenly bodies gallavanting across the heavens, declaring to all humanity the handiwork of God. Here’s what that parable means. The arrangement of the bodies of heaven, in magnitude and scale correspond in simple matrix to the mountains and terrain of the earth. More simply put, the heavenly constellations are the foremost map of the planet earth features. All one needs is the legend and the knowledge to read this map. Now you understand why the ancient explorers navigated by the stars?

    Examples abound widely and true. The Himalayas and its peaks for instance correspond to the group of stars called the Pleiades. The fourteen or so high peaks of the Himalayas tally with the brightest stars in Pleiades, in number, fourteen.

    Orion’s belt, for which Egyptians mimicked with the great pyramids at Giza, correspond with the Nile Delta and the next south western peaks, or so to say, water fountains.

    The land of South America correspond with Serpens. On and on. And its this identity, that the earth and the heavens are templates of each other, that is the foremost evidence that they were both created, by God. And that God owns them. The first title deed, or Alpha Rogito. Its what those who came before us, of the wise, presented in the phonomenon of pyramids and mounds throughout the earth. For in each continent are found these features that mimic the stars in arrangement, and that narrate the truth of what the past wisdom was, now lost, and few willing to seek after it.

    Now by this ancient science, and truth, can be established the ancient narrations. The exact lication of Eden, for instsnce cab be found by studying this relation of the stars to the earth. The hint is, that Eden, which simply means the Central/tower spring- Ed-eni, for eni is spring, water spring in the Sanskrit, is located at the central part of earth, with four landmarks to its cardinal points that correspond in simple matrix to the acclaimed constellation called the Crux, or the Southern Cross. In the bible its called the chambers of the south, and in Jewish tradition its the elders of the south, if whom its told narrated to Alexander the way to Eden.

    And when Eden can be proven to have existed, at the quadrifarcation of four heads of waters, which water the entire planet, then one must begin to appreciate the possibility of a truth that implies God, and lots more.

    The Egyptian Djed was a representation of the truth of the planetary four planes that holds the planet’s water sources/heads. The mythical tree of life, structure that enables biological life upon the planet.

    Well, God did all that, created, then placed forth numerous evidences of what he did, and continues to do. Then remained behind the screen, looking upon us to evaluate what we do with the gift of life. Its the scenario of a questioning room, where the observer remains behind the screen to observe what the subject does. The subject may taunt the observer to show themselves or prove they are there, but its not in the observers’ best interest to declare their exact location or motive. God is not the subject. We are.

    So you see, Mr Mumia, its not necessarily from a position of enlightenment that one declares there is no God. Its to the contrary. However, worse than the atheist is the hypocritical who cannot prove or cite any evidence of God, yet declares they believe or have’faith’

    For faith is the tangible evidence that that which is not seen dies exist. The evidence of wind is in the motion of leaves swaying to its effect. That of God is cite his works that imply his existence. Without such evidences, then its not faith, or believe but mere excuses and lame declarations, which filling the world are the real reason why atheist come to be. Yet you have little excuse for you require to investigate and discover truth for yourself. And that is why you are granted intelligence.

    Did you know, that between Mt Kenya and the Ngong hills are four locations that are called Gatundu? Or that there are two rivers called Nairobi, at both extremes of Mt Kenya, and this Ngong hills? That all the original place names in Kenya, Africa, and the wide world over are Sanskrit based describing the geographical attributes of these places?

    When you ask the right questions, you begin to obtain the right answers and these irrevocably lead to the one and ultimate truth, which however remains concealed and hidden from the common world and its meaningless pride.



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