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How Islam Excels!

islam-excelsThere is one way in which Islam surpasses every other religion on the planet. No other religion goes to such great lengths to provide opportunities for men to copulate.

It starts by allowing men to marry children–there seems to be no lower age limit for marriage in the Qur’an and many Muslims believe it is acceptable to follow the lead of Muhammad who married a six-year-old child.

A man may have up to four wives (women are restricted to one husband). A woman is obliged to allow her husband to have sex whether she wants to or not. And a husband is permitted to beat his wife for any reason that seems fair to him.

In some Islamic countries, traditions are used to control women. These can include genital mutilation (which serves to prove a girl’s virginity) and strict dress codes which may include covering the entire face, head and body. In some countries women are not permitted to leave their home without a man’s consent and women may only leave their home accompanied by a male relative.

If a marriage doesn’t work out, the man can divorce his wife at will and try again. A woman has to seek her husband’s permission for a divorce.

And, finally, when a man gets to paradise, the sexual merry-go-round shifts to top gear with dozens of indescribably beautiful, virgin girls kept at his exclusive disposal and all gagging to get “a piece of him”. (Not my words but the words of a highly enthusiastic Imam I heard recently.) In paradise, a man is also permitted to have sex with any of his wife’s many servant girls.

So, unless anyone can tell us of a religion that is more pro-fucking than Islam, it wins this year’s Best-Religion-for-Dicks award. Congratulations Islam!

PS If there are any errors of fact in this story, or if there is a more pro-fucking religion than Islam, please let me know and I will amend accordingly.

By Bill Flavell


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