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Don’t let ignorance ruin your trousers!

ignoranceTransport yourself back in time six hundred years. Look up into the sky and see the sun. You don’t know what it is but you know it gives off huge amounts of heat and light—enough to warm and illuminate the entire planet.

As you gaze at this celestial monster there is one thing you are sure of—something as powerful as that and so essential for human life could not have happened by accident—it must have had a designer. A designer who created it and put it in the perfect orbit to give the exact amount heat and the exact amount of day and night necessary to sustain all living things on Earth. At that moment, you fall to your knees and thank your god (whichever god you happened to believe in).

Returning to the 21st century, we have moved on. We understand our sun very well indeed. We know its chemistry and the physics that formed it and sustains it. We understand how it formed, how long it will live, how it will change over its lifetime and how it will die. And we know all of that is caused by natural, unguided processes.

We have learned so much in the intervening years that there are only a few deep mysteries remaining, such as the origin of life and the cause of the Big Bang.

But one thing has not changed. Still billions of people assume their gods are responsible for things they don’t understand. It is wise to learn from history rather than repeat it. Don’t be on your knees when the true origin of life is finally discovered. Get up, brush yourself off, and withhold belief until we actually know how it happened.

After all, trousers are valuable, and so is your dignity.


2 comments on “Don’t let ignorance ruin your trousers!

  1. John
    May 11, 2015

    A Chief Moralist with no social Conscience? Damn!


  2. John
    May 11, 2015

    A Chief Moralist with no Moral or Social Conscience? Damn!


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