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We Support Gay And Lesbian Rights In Kenya!

gay-lesbianWe would like to state that we are in support of gay and lesbian rights in Kenya. The idea that homosexuality should not be promoted in Kenya is misplaced, especially in the 21st Century when we now understand the importance of promoting fundamental human rights and freedoms. We are opposed to any attempts by the religious groups and political leaders to term homosexuality as immoral. Kenya is a secular state and homosexuals have human rights guaranteed under the Constituton.

We would like to clarify a few issues about homosexuality.

Our religious leaders seem to think that there is an “essence” of what a proper human being should be like as well as what our sexual organs should be used for. They believe that sexual organs should only be used for procreation. They therefore see homosexuality as unnatural. The question is, is unnatural wrong? My hands weren’t made for walking, so is it wrong for me to walk on my hands? No. We do not hold the position that sexual organs should only be used for procreation. Perhaps some people think that’s why God created sexual organs, but so what?

Homosexuality is found in nature. It is something that could fulfill a role, such as a homosexual who helps care for children of a family member rather than producing new children. This could give living offspring a better chance at survival rather than produce more offspring that might not have enough resources to live.

Homosexuality isn’t the only form of sexuality that doesn’t lead to procreation. If having stimulating sexual organs for pleasure is wrong, then homosexuality is no more wrong than masturbation or the majority of sex everyone is having. It is hypocritical that people get so hyped up against homosexuals and not everyone else also engaging in sexual stimulation for pleasure to an equal degree.

Most people know that sexual stimulation isn’t that bad of a thing, and we can’t condemn homosexuals for doing something we know isn’t that bad for everyone else.

In Kenya, we know that most arguments against same-sex marriage ultimately boil down to the idea that the government should protect the “sanctity” of marriage, or that marriage is a “sacred trust” handed down by God. We find this position outrageous.

In our view, the government has no business doling out sanctity and sacred trusts in the first place. Marriage, as far as the government is concerned, is and must be a secular institution. The government can no more hand out a marriage certificate that grants a sacred union than it can hand out a death certificate that grants a place in the world to come. The government does not hold the keys to the sacred.

And just as the government does not hold the keys to the sacred, it should not make decisions that are based on the premise that it does.


3 comments on “We Support Gay And Lesbian Rights In Kenya!

  1. Riamacha Alexander
    May 5, 2015



  2. Patricia Andala
    May 5, 2015

    Gays are human beings deserving respect. How shocking.


  3. John Maina
    May 8, 2015

    This is amazing. A friend of mine once told me that nothing is “gayer” than a man caring where another puts their genitalia.
    Go Gay rights go!


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