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kathy-kiunaIt has come to the attention of Atheists In Kenya (AIK) that Pastor Kathy Kiuna of the Jubilee Christian Church has been making careless and very unfortunate remarks that in our view deserve the harshest condemnation.

Pastor Kathy Kiuna has been quoted as calling Eastlands Residents lazy and poor. We have information that she has advised ladies from the Eastlands area to rent servant quarters in Runda so as to find rich men and marry them. She has also been warning poor people against attending her church on Sunday during her sermon. Social Media reports quote her as saying “This is not a place for poor people. If you can’t tithe, find another church, we don’t entertain poverty.”

We want to remind Pastor Kiuna that as far as Atheists In Kenya are concerned, JCC is one of the many churches misleading many ignorant Kenyan men and ladies by purporting to advise them on matters of marriage and wealth. The people of Eastlands are not lazy and poor, as Pastor Kiuna purports. Many of them are in gainful employment. This is indeed an insult on Kenyans, majority of whom live below the poverty line.

No church is an authority when it comes to matters of marriage, and we are asking Kenyans to desist from taking the likes of Pastor Kathy Kiuna and JCC seriously. Marriage is not about money, it is about sharing, understanding and mutual respect.

We are therefore calling upon Pastor Kathy Kiuna to apologize to the women of Eastlands and poor Kenyans for these careless and unfortunate remarks.



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  2. Janice
    January 27, 2015

    What does an atheist have to do with a Christian preacher? Thought you would shrug this as typical misguided people? You are taking an inordinate interest in Christians where one expected indifference.


  3. anonymous
    January 28, 2015

    Wonders shall never end!If I may ask you atheists of Kenya,when did church matters become your business? You that don’t profess faith in God yet here you are telling churches how they should operate?It’s perfect example of pot calling kettle black.Stay on your lane.We take advice from other Christians & not atheists. #SMH! #MTCHEEEEEEW!


  4. Graham Knight
    January 31, 2015

    If Christians keep their ideology out of society no damage will be done and no one will be prompted to scrutinise the ridiculous comments of people such as this particular church leader. Unfortunately, that is not the case. When this sort of nonsense impacts society – surely the intention of this firm of Christianity – it affects everyone. When laws are made informed by religious perspectives, it affects everyone.


  5. Graham Knight
    January 31, 2015

    Sadly, many Christians do not intend to keep their opinions to themselves but wish to impose them on society. Questions of marriage, slander against communities, are not “church issues” but affect everyone. When laws are made informed by religious perspectives, they affect everyone. When churches seek to influence the cultural and moral positions it takes, it affects everyone. Well done to AIK for monitoring these people.


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